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Whether it’s washing, deep conditioning, taking down a protective style, or trying a new style, good hair takes time. Most of us have experienced the boredom of a long styling day, but in reality, spending time on yourself should be anything but boring. I made the decision a while back to spice up my me time, and I want you to do the same  Here’s how you can turn your hair day into a lifestyle.

Turn up

It’s okay to turn up in the shower! There’s nothing quite like those moments of dancing and singing in the shower as you wash your hair to the sounds of talented artists.  Some days I find a playlist that fits my current moods. Other times,  I save my first listen of new album releases for my hair days. Time flies when you’re listening to fantastic music.

Listen up

I love a good podcast. The best ones feel like you’re sitting in on a conversation with your favorite friends, which makes them ideal listening material for braiding and twisting your hair. You’ll get so caught up in the excitement of the show that you won’t even realize how long the process takes. I recommend For Colored Nerds, The Read, and Another Round with Heben and Tracy for your hair days.

Catch up

You know that  show everyone else is watching that you promised you would start some day? Well, hair day is that day.  Catch up on the most recent season of Scandal. Watch that Netflix documentary. By the end of the day, you’ll be ready to contribute to pop culture conversation with the best of them.

Level up

There’s always something new to learn about caring for your hair. Why not use your hair day to level up? Watch videos from your go-to Youtube hair gurus  and incorporate their tips in real time. While you’re at it, let Youtube help you discover more channels. You’ll end your hair time with more hair knowledge and maybe  a few additional Youtube subscriptions. Be sure to subscribe to Shedavi's Youtube Channel - There will be plenty of content to advance your healthy hair care techniques!

Eat up

How many times have I finished my hair day only to realize I went hours without a single bite to eat? Save yourself from feelings of hangriness by treating yourself to a few hair day friendly snacks. I live for a fresh tasting smoothie that’s hands-free, filling, and good for me, too!

Hopefully these tips have you excited for your next hair day. How do you make your hair days more enjoyable?

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  • Joyce Maxwell-Chenault: April 19, 2017

    Shedavi hair elixir is a wonderful product and the vitamins are just as good. I love the idea that I can take them on an empty stomach.

    Can you show what a protective hair style looks like? I am in the process of growing my hair out from a short cut to longer hair and need to know what I can do with my hair during this time.

    I am scheduling surgery and definitely need some ideas that are simple to wear during my down time about 4 weeks.

    Joyce Maxwell-

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