Five Wedding Day Hair + Skin Tips from A Bride Whose Been There

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I made it. Six years of dating the man I loved, two years of planning an ideal wedding day, and I can finally say that I am married to my best friend. Even better, I looked and felt great while doing it!

I’ve shared my wedding hair journey with you on the Shedavi blog. (It’s not too late to read them here and here.) Now I can give advise from the other side. Follow these five tips to have wow-worthy wedding day hair and skin.


Source: Kinsey Mhire Photography

Treat yourself

You invest in all sorts of purchases for your wedding. Don’t forget to invest in yourself. Book a facial for anywhere from a week to 10 days before your wedding. An experienced esthetician will create a treatment that will maximize your glow on the big day. Schedule treatments for your hair as well. Make an appointment for a nourishing treatment, like a hot oil or deep conditioner, or you can DIY one at home.

Get a head start

If you can, start working on your hair the day before your wedding. I washed and blew out my hair and put it in a simple braided style for my rehearsal dinner. My stylist didn’t have to worry about those little details and could instead focus on making my hair a masterpiece.

Wrap it up

I wish had known this tip before my own wedding day. I had to call my mom and ask her to bring me a wrap so that my hair could stay nice and flat in the downtime before the wedding. Learn from my mistakes. Pack a wrap for your wedding day.

Drink responsibly

It’s your wedding day, and you’ll want to pop the champagne. Try and save most of the drinking for the reception. Focus on beautifying beverages before the wedding. I sipped on water, kombucha, and, okay, a mimosa, too, as I got ready. Finding that balance gave my skin an extra bit of radiance beyond what my makeup artist could provide.

Let go

You look your best when you are loving and being loved. Don’t fret over stray hairs or smudged makeup or a shiny forehead. Give the warmest hugs. Get on the dance floor. You prepared for this day. You look great, and now it’s time to enjoy it.


Source: Kinsey Mhire Photography

I hope these tips will help a bride somewhere have an even better wedding day. Married ladies,  what wedding day tips do you wish you knew? Share your knowledge comments below.


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