Taylor's Spring Hair Journey Update: My Hair Grew So Fast!

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The 100 day countdown to my wedding started last month. After dating my fiance for six years, these last one hundred days feel like both the longest and the shortest time. I am constantly checking off to-dos and adding new ones, finalizing every detail of the wedding, including my wedding look.

Since I last wrote, I’ve finished my first month of using Shedavi vitamins and hair elixir. My hair was protected in box braids for the past two months. And while I couldn’t exactly measure, it was impossible to ignore the growth in my roots. I can’t remember the last time my hair grew so quickly.

I took my hair down yesterday. It’s always a strange feeling to remove all of the extra embellishment and be reintroduced to the natural state of my own hair. It was a wonderful reintroduction. My afro was thick and full and larger than it’s ever been. My hair was in full bloom, experiencing its own springtime.

This photo was right before I picked out my hair to see my beautiful fro.

My crown was so glorious that I was tempted to leave it out, but the cold, breakage-inducing weather has not completely left Chicago. I want to keep the growth going right up until my wedding day in July, and that requires two more months of nourishment and protective styles. So I twisted my hair back up, reminding myself of the ultimate wedding hairstyle to come.

Speaking of which, I finally decided on a hairstyle for my big day. I’d wavered between an organic afro and a more subtle updo. The classic simplicity of my chosen style let’s me, not just my hair, to take center stage.


In the final 100 days before my wedding, all of the little things matter. Nail breakage matters. Hair length matters. Skin care matters. These little details all affect the way I’ll feel as I stand with the love of my life before the people I love to say I do.

Shedavi is helping me handle the little things for the big day. A couple of moments  each day of taking vitamins or massaging oil into my scalp is all it takes for people to notice that my hair, my skin, and my nails are all significantly better than they were even a month ago. Each of those moments is a tiny investment in me feeling my best on my wedding day. Shedavi is a bride-to-be’s best friend.


  • Katherine: April 25, 2017


  • Leila Mann: April 12, 2017

    I have to admit, I did try Shedavi about three months ago. I ran out of pills so I ordered from another company and believe me, I was not happy with that company. My hair did not grow at all. In fact, I think my hair started to break off. Believe me I am coming back to Shedavi products.

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