Hairstory: Jasmine's Hair Update Month 3

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Hey I am so excited to share my journey with you! To give some background on my regimen, I take Shedavi vitamins 3 times daily with meals, I drink close to a gallon a day of water, and I apply Shedavi oil to my scalp with a 2-3 minute massage every other day. 

If you don't remember, I cut my hair last month. Read more about my hair cut here



I'm proud to say that my hair has surpassed where I started. Shedavi vitamins have been the only constant thing during my hair ups and downs this year, so I am definitely sure that it's the reason why my hair has remained healthy and long throughout these drastic haircuts.



 My nails are longer and stronger than ever. I've been constantly maintaining long nails for over months now. I avoid washing and cleaning with no gloves. Of course, I don't bite my nails and I maintain my nails by filing and shaping as necessary. Its uber important to mend any hanging nails or chips immediately to prevent any further damage taking place. 



My skin is acne prone, and oily. It's the perfect ground for acne and dark marks. Pairing with a stellar natural skin care regimen, it has improved by a milestone and I comfortably walk around with no makeup.



Overall, 3 months in with Shedavi and I'm super proud of my results. With some effort, Shedavi and myself was able to create healthy skin, hair, and nails.


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  • Karen: April 23, 2017

    Thank you for the update….I just have one question….Did you start with the Hair Growth Starter Bundle?

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