35 of the Hottest Curly Hairstyles

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35 of the Hottest Curly Hairstyles

Curls are the style this year and we've collected our picks for the must-have dos for every age and hair type.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair You Have to Try

From cascading locks to kinky ringlets, curls are a hot hair trend this year. Curly girls everywhere are embracing the texture, bounce, and softness that curls provide. Whether your curls are natural or created, we've collected a variety of the best curly styles for every hair type and occasion. To add even more variety, all of the styles chosen can be worn regardless of curl tightness. They can even be styled with straight hair as a nice alternative. 

Short Hair

Curly bobs and wedges are ideal for those who want hair that's cute and easy to style. Here are some of our favorites.

Bob haircuts often have less volume on top and are fuller near the ends of the hair. They range from chin length to shoulder length and are suitable for hair with tight to loose curls alike. This style works beautifully with long and short layers too.

1. Center Part Bob

Timeless and easy, the bob with center part is a haircut that shows off bouncy curls. To ensure a lot of movement and shine, style with a soft mild to medium hold gel or spray and finish with a shine enhancer. 

center part bob

Misha Beliy /

2. Deep Side Part Bob 

The bob with deep side part brings a little bit of a flirty vibe without overdoing it. It's fun, bouncy, and appropriate for most occasions. 

deep side part bob

Misha Beliy /

3. Bob with Bangs

Perfect for children, the bob with bangs is a timeless look that never goes out of style. It looks just as cute with tight, loose, or barely-there curls.

bob with bangs

GingerKitten /

4. Wavy Bob

The wavy bob is the hottest trend this year and for good reason. Its versatility and ability to work with most hair types and curl types make it a new classic that's going to be around for a while. This style works with young and old alike and even looks great with any hair color.

wavy bob

Progressman /

5. Wavy Bob with Bangs

Adding bangs to your wavy bob adds a youthful look yet still looks great on middle-aged and older ladies too. It's one of those hairstyles that's suitable for the office as well as relaxing with friends.

wavy bob with bangs

Look Studio /

6. Rounded Ringlets

Rounded ringlets are ideal for tighter curls. It's full of volume all around the head and with a little touching up, can be worn for a week without washing. Gentle twisting in small sections is the secret to achieving this style. Add a little curling gel and scrunch for definition. 

rounded ringlets

Sirtravelalot /

7. Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts are often shaved at the neck and sides but can be slightly longer. Short curls are shaped on top of the head and the bulk of the hair is above the ears or higher. This style gives the appearance of a longer face, making it ideal for round faces. Pixie haircuts work well with curls that are both tight and loose.

pixie cut

Beauty Stock /

8. Bantu Knots

Cute, cool, and easy to maintain Bantu knots are every curly girl's must-try style. They're a protective style that doesn't require any heating tools or harsh chemicals. The larger the knot, the larger the curl and they work no matter how long or short your hair is. 

bantu knots

WAYHOME studio /

9. Big Chop

If your hair's damaged from chemicals and dyes, a big chop may be the needed transition to natural hair. This style is practically maintenance-free and it gives your hair and scalp time to recover.  

big chop

Softdelusion66 /

Mid-Length Hair 

Mid-length hair can range from just past the shoulders to the clavicle and when it comes to curly hair, layers help keep tresses shaped to perfection. This length of hair provides multiple styling options and work very well with different types of accessories like combs, snap clips, headbands, and bandanas. 

10. Loose and Carefree

If your hair is healthy and you have a good cut, leaving your hair loose and carefree is a basic style that's easy to do. After washing your hair, allow it to air dry or use a hairdryer on low. Be sure to use a diffuser. A little Wash and Go Styling Gel with some quick scrunching will keep the curls in place, shiny, and protected from the elements. 

loose and carefree

William Perugini /

11. Half-Up Top Knot

Another style that's popular this year is the half-up top knot. It's fun and takes only minutes to do. Simply take all the hair from the top half of your head and tie it in a bun on top of your head. It's that easy.

half up top knot

Mimagephotography /

12. Curly Bangs

Curly bangs provide a softer and romantic look to any style and they bring out your eyes. While anyone can wear curly bangs, it looks best on younger ladies and even better on children. 

curly bangs

Javi_indy /

13. Braided Headband

The braided headband fuses practicality with style. French braid or French twist your hair to the back of the head and allow the rest of your hair to fall naturally. It's a stay-put style that keeps you cool during summer weather. 

braided headband

CarlosDavid /

14. Messy Bun with Ringlets

Soft and romantic, the messy bun with ringlets is the perfect style for those layers that aren't quite long enough for ponytails. Make sure to leave the bun somewhat loose to show off your eye-catching curls. 

messy bun with ringlets

Adamov_d /

15. Space Buns

Staying on trend for this year are space buns. Use a hair band to touch your curly hair into two loose messy buns. The result is a fun blend of braids and curls. Keeping the buns somewhat loose will keep your curls in full view.

space buns

Nakaridore /

16. Wand Curls

Wand curls are a favorite that's easy to style. Once you heat up your wand curl hot tool, take 1 inch sections of your hair and wind around the barrel. Then separate and fluff for a finished look. 

wand curls

Look Studio /

17. Classic Tight Ponytail

Take the classic tight ponytail and move it towards the top of the head and you have a fun alternative that's popular with a lot of celebrities. Its freshness and upbeat vibe make it a must-have for your curly style arsenal.

ponytail top of the head

Rob Marmion /

18. Flexi Rod Curls

Uniformity is key when it comes to flexi rod curls. They're bouncy, shiny, and fun. Usually one inch in diameter, banana curls can also be ½ inch wide for added variety. This style works on mid to long-length curls. 

flexi rod curls

Diana Indiana /

19. Three-Dimensional Hair Color

Try three-dimensional hair color if you want your curls to pop and look unique. We suggest you go to stylist for this one.

three dimensional color

escobaractivo /

20. Curly Twists

Curly Twists is a classic that's been altered to show off your lovely curls. Twist the hair but not as tightly. Classy and sophisticated, this style easily goes from boardroom to ballroom.

curly twists

Antonia Giroux /

21. Side Bangs

Side bangs provide that finishing touch to natural and free-flowing locks. They can be somewhat straight or left in all their curly glory. 

side bangs

Antonia Giroux /

Long Hair

You don't have to have naturally curly hair to enjoy the glamorous look of long curly hair. You don't even need to have long hair. Hair extensions are excellent for giving you that length of hair you want. In fact, many extensions can handle the rigors of heated styling tools and can be styled to blend right in with your own hair. 

22. Free-Flowing Natural

Leaving your hair free-flowing and natural is the ideal way to give your hair a break from harsh styling. It's comfortable and needs little more than some basic finger combing.

free flowing natural hair

Jacob Lund /

23. Tuck Behind Ear

Tuck behind ear curls is a simple change that gives a completely different look to your free flowing ringlets. This style works with any tightness of curls and it doesn't matter whether you have naturally curly hair or if you use a curling iron. 

tuck behind ear

Daniel M Ernst /

24. Center Part

The center part with long curly hair is right on trend and is sure to turn heads. Whether you prefer tight ringlets, spirals, or loose waves, this style easily goes from day into night. 

center part

Diana Indiana /

25. Deep Side Swiped

Speaking of day to night, the deep side swiped on long curly hair adds a sultry vibe. This makes it perfect for date night or a night on the town. Changing the tightness of your curls makes this hairstyle versatile so you never run out of styling options.

deep side swipe

mikeforemniakowski /

26. Loose Curls

Between tight curls and soft waves are loose curls. They're soft, full of movement, and are even better with highlights. A good layered cut is essential for ensuring that this style looks its best.

loose curls

Nadya Korobkova /

27. Accessorize with a Hat

The Accessorize with a hat look is perfect for those days you are in a rush and don’t have much time to touch up your curls.

accessorize with a hat

Dean Drobot /

28. Top Bun

A popular choice for the busy woman, the top bun is the go-to hairstyle of many women. For the lady with curly hair, this style is quick and easy to do. It's also suitable for the office, weekends, outings, and even the gym. 

top bun

Sofia Zhuravetc /

29. Picked Out Curly Afro

A  picked out curly afro  is a fun style that can give variation to the typical defined curls look.

picked out curly fro

Brastock /

30. Pinned to the Side Curls

The pinned to the side curls is another styling staple that's ultra-versatile. Sweep all the hair to one side  and use hairpins or bobby pins to secure.

pinned to the side curls

NeonShot /

31. Boho-Chic with Headband

Quick and easy, the boho-chic with headband is sure to become a favorite. Place scarf around loose hair and tie in front. Fluff the crown of your head for added volume. Use the braids as a headband and secure behind the head leaving the rest of your tresses free. 

boho chic with headband

Maria Markevich /

32. Super High Ponytail

Styling your curly hair into a super high ponytail takes advantage of your lovely locks while keeping them in place.

super high ponytail /

33. No Part Curls

The no part curls  is the curly girl's answer if you prefer your hair away from your face.  It’s super simple to do if your hair is already loose. 

no part curls

LStockStudio /

34. Low Side Ponytail

Fusing sleek and cascading locks is the low side ponytail. Pull your hair into a slick and tight ponytail at the left or right side nape of the neck then let the rest of your hair poof naturally. Gorgeous.  

low side ponytail

LStockStudio /

35. Curly Ponytail with Tendrils

A new take on a classic, the curly ponytail with tendrils  starts out like the original. What makes this updated version special leaving out sections at the temple, bang area or nape of the neck.

curly ponytail with tendrils

Nakaridore /

When it comes to styling hair remember that layers are essential for ensuring that the curls keep their shape. When the hair isn't layered or if they're too long, the weight of the hair stretches the curl and the curl will lose its shape. Also, with the bulk of the hair ending in the same place, the hair tends to flare into a triangle shape. The best cuts are the ones that allow the curls to keep their shape and the extent of the layering will depend on the tightness of your curls. Curly cuts are pretty forgiving but it's still suggested to make sure your stylist is experienced with cutting curly hair.

Whether you're looking for a new style or just want to update a classic, take time to play and see which ones you fall in love with.

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