5 Unique Ideas to Transform MOMents Into Memories!

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5 Unique Ideas to Transform MOMents Into Memories!

One of the most exciting days May has to offer is Mother’s Day. On this day we get to show our love and adoration for the parent we call mom. Sometimes it's hard coming up with new Mother’s Day ideas to express our appreciation - but don’t worry, we got you! We’ve thought of a few interesting, relaxing, and thoughtful gifts for mom so all you have to do is grab what you need and deliver the love!

A special way to show mom you treasure her is caring for her hair! Create memories that will last a lifetime by ensuring mom looks and feels her best on Mother’s Day by gifting her Shedavi products. They are vegan, toxin free and mom’s fave! Check out our Mother’s Day exclusive gift bundles with savings as high as 40%! There’s something for every kind of mom.


5 Unique & Fun Ideas For Mother's Day

Treat Her to a Relaxing Hair Spa Day at Home

If your mom enjoys kicking back and being pampered, she’s going to love this one. Not only will she relish a day of relaxation, she’ll also reap the amazing benefits of using Shedavi’s products on her hair! Here is our number one relaxation gift for mom.

Step 1: Give her hair & scalp a gentle yet moisturizing cleanse with Shedavi’s

Moisturizing Shampoo.

Step 2: Soften and Condition with care using Shedavi’s Moisturizing Conditioner.

Step 3: Continue to infuse moisture while promoting strong hair with Shedavi’s Protein Masque.

Step 4: End with a style of her choice using our Wash + Go Styling Gel.

Step 5: Ensure that she feels as radiant as she looks on her special day.


Looking to execute this & also saving money? Shop our Mother's Day Exclusive Deal on our Everything Bundle to get all our products & save over $100! For REAL!


…or Switch It Up with a Hot Oil Massage

Step 1: Grab your preferred oil. We recommend the Shedavi Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir, this blend of oils will work great for your pre-poo.

Step 2: Heat up the oil. There are quite a few options for heating the oil, ranging from:

    • Putting the oil in the microwave for 10 seconds
    • Using a double boiler on the stovetop
    • Taking the bottle and running hot water over it to gently heat it up
    • Apply the oil at regular room temperature then heat up with a blow dryer on the low heat and low blow setting.
    • Apply the oil and sit under a hooded dryer or a hooded steamer while wearing a processing cap.

Whichever process you choose, always make sure the oil is warm and not hot. If it is too hot for your wrist (good area for spot test) then it is too hot for her scalp.

Step 3: Apply the oil and saturate her hair. Then (the part mom has been waiting for) massage the oil into her scalp and hair to making sure it covers every inch.

Step 4: Keep the oil warm by placing a shower cap over your hair for 20 to 30 minutes. Some people prefer to sleep with the oil in their hair and rinse in the morning, which is great too.


There are a couple of ways to go about finishing this hot oil massage treatment depending upon her desired type of style. You may have to shampoo her hair to remove the oil if her desired style is a blowout, flat iron, or silk press. We recommend following up with our moisturizing shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning Protein Masque.

Shop our Mother's Day Exclusive Deal to save $22 on these products!


Recreate the Same Hairstyles as Her Childhood/From Her Pictures

Go down memory lane with mom! She has graced you with many childhood hairstyles you loved growing up, but have you ever seen the hairstyles she wore when she grew up? Sitting down with each other and going through old photos of mom is a great way to bond this Mother’s Day.

Take your bonding up a notch by recreating your mom's childhood hairstyles! With this unique mother’s day gift, you both are sure to collect a few laughs, memories, and possibly make this a tradition. Imagine the sentimental value you and your mom would get from this intimate experience. Remember to capture the moment & tag @Shedavi so we can see them and share! Don't forget to use #ShedaviMOMents.

Whatever her hair type or hairstyle is, these 2 products can be super handy for acing those styles! Get our Curly Girl Faves Duo at 40% Off for a limited period. You're welcome ;)



Give Her a Celebrity Makeover

Who’s her fav celeb? Surprise her with a celebrity inspired makeover of her choice! Whether it's Rihanna, Beyonce or Quinta Brunson, have her choose one of their recent iconic styles to replicate. Make this even more entertaining and challenging with rules like ‘we can only use what’s already in your closet!’ Finally, enjoy this make over by styling with our Wash + Go Styling Gel and finish off with our  Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir. Don’t forget to include us in all the fun online using #ShedaviMOMents hashtag on Instagram and Tiktok!


A Surprise Day Out

Has anyone ever told you you’re your mom’s twin? Well let’s make it true in every way. Make Mother’s Day a twinning day with mom by wearing matching outfits and even hairstyles! Treat her to a nice movie, or lunch at a lovely restaurant to spend quality time with her. Extend the festivities by planning the outfits, hairstyles, and getting ready together.

Need inspiration for some cool hairstyles to sport? Here's our quick guide on 30+ hairstyles for black women.


Gift Her a Shedavi Set Based on Her Personality

She's been through a lot so she deserves to be treated with the best of the best. Here are some options for some unique gifts that will make your mom and your wallet happy ;)


The Cute + Caring Bundle

Gift a set that she’ll use daily. Oh and it's absolutely Instagrammable, because that's important too, right?

If she’s the kind of lady that enjoys new exciting journeys, she’ll love our SheGrowin’ Set.  Not only will she receive Hair Growth Vitamins she can take daily, a Hair and Scalp Growth elixir to promote her hair growth and hair health, she will also receive a Length Check T-Shirt to track the Growth! The best part? She will appreciate the opportunity to documenting every step of her journey with our SheGrowin’ Planner.Tracker.Journal.

Save over $30 with our exclusive Mother's Day Deal for the SheGrowin' Set.


....Or The Healthy Hair Growth Icons

Or you could simply gift her our Iconic Hair Growth Duo at 15% off to ensure she feels & looks good with zero compromises.

Cheryl G. shared this about our Hair Growth Duo
“My hair is strong and growing . I had a problem with the top of my hair and the sides of my hair falling out . Thank God for Shedavi pills . It is growing and getting thick.”


Wash Day Wonders

If she’s all about getting a wash day experience as good as the salon, you’ll want to get her this bundle! Gift her the luxurious hair care experience she won’t stop bragging to her friends about with our Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner and Protein Masque. This bundle will provide her crown with the moisture and strength it needs leaving her hair super moisturized until her next wash day!

Get this bundle & save over $22 with our Mother's Day Exclusive Deal.


Curly Girl Faves Duo

This bundle is for the girls and ladies obsessed with their curls. If your mom is a definition diva, grab her this bundle that includes our Wash + Go Styling Gel and Protein Masque. We know she will be more than ready to hydrate, define, and strengthen her curls just the way she likes it!


Nichelle R. said this about our Protein Masque
“ Works for all hair types! Hydrating and great for both my son and I with different textures.”

Brittani M. had this to say about our Wash + Go Styling Gel
“ My Go To Product. I absolutely love this gel and its healthy ingredients!”


Everything Bundle

Yes, we know it can be complicated to choose sometimes. So we've made it simple with our Everything Bundle. This bundle literally has everything she needs to achieve her hair goals...and we all know, she doesn't deserve anything less than everything!

Save over $100 with our Mother's Day Deal on the Everything Bundle.

To discover all our Mother's Day Exclusive Deals, click here.


Still Unsure?

If you’re still wondering ‘What can I do for Mother’s Day’, let’s keep it simple! You can get a thoughtful gift for mom by grabbing her a Shedavi gift-card, picking her up some beautiful flowers, and taking her to dinner. This is a gesture any mom will appreciate. 

Remember, quality time with mom this Mother’s Day are moments you both will cherish for a lifetime and we want to cherish them too! Share your #ShedaviMOMents with us all month long @shedavi on your social platforms.

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