Common Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making!

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Common Hair Care Mistakes You’re Making!

To achieve your desired hair goals, it's crucial to grasp and steer clear of common hair care blunders. Many unknowingly fall victim to these mistakes by trying unsuitable hair products promoted on social media or experimenting with multiple techniques simultaneously. As a result, they find themselves perplexed by the lack of desired results.

From using harsh chemical-laden products to neglecting proper scalp care, these missteps can hinder your hair's potential. Our objective is to enlighten and empower you with knowledge about these mistakes, offering natural, vegan solutions that nurture your hair from root to tip. It's time we understand what these misconceptions are and embrace a healthier hair care routine with Shedavi. Let us guide you on your journey to full, healthy hair!


Mistake #1... Using the Wrong Products for Your Hair Type

Hair types can generally be categorized into four main types. Essentially, type 1 hair is is straight, type 2 hair is wavy, type 3 hair is curly, and type 4 hair is curly coily. If you aren't sure of your hair type, don’t worry. We’ve gathered all the necessary info to help you determine your hair type, porosity, and how to effectively maintain it. 

We understand that every individual has unique texture and curl patterns. Using the correct products for you hair type is essential to unlocking it's natural beauty. Using the wrong products can weigh down your hair if you have fine hair or a looser texture, and on the other hand you may find that products don't have enough curl enhancing or hold if you have a tighter texture. Whether your hair is coily, curly, or straight, our carefully formulated products provide the nourishment and support your crown crave. To know more about what products & ingredients to look for based on your hair type & porosity, click here to access our quick guide that covers it all.


Mistake #2... Over-washing or Under-washing Your Hair

Finding the delicate balance between over-washing and under-washing hair can be tough. It's crucial to understand the impact of these extremes on your hair quality and overall health.

Over-washing, especially with sulfate-laden shampoos, can strip your hair of its natural oils, leading to dryness, frizz, and breakage. On the other hand, under-washing can result in product buildup, clogged follicles, and an unhealthy scalp environment.

Try our Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. Formulated without sulfates, these products gently cleanse and nourish your hair, infusing it with vital moisture and promoting a healthy scalp. To further enhance your wash day routine, we recommend incorporating our Protein Masque. This deep-conditioning treatment restores strength, repairs damage, and provides a much-needed boost of hydration.


Mistake #3... Using Harmful Chemicals

In a world filled with chemicals and harmful additives, it's time to give your hair the love it deserves by going natural. Choosing natural ingredients for your hair care routine brings a host of benefits. First and foremost, you eliminate exposure to harsh chemicals that can strip away moisture, disrupt your scalp's natural balance, and lead to long-term damage and hair breakage. Instead, opt-into vegan and sulfate-free products that harness the power of botanical extracts, plant-based oils, and other nature-derived ingredients, providing a gentle and effective solution for your hair's needs.

Did You Know?

Shedavi is committed to nurturing your natural beauty. Our Hair Growth Vitamins are meticulously formulated with your health in mind, consciously avoiding harmful ingredients like common fillers or synthetic vitamins. We believe in the power of nature, which is why our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir is crafted using only the finest quality ingredients: no low-grade carrier oils, petrochemicals, or synthetic ingredients. Unlock your hair's full growth potential by experiencing this luxurious blend that nurtures and revitalizes your hair and scalp.


Mistake #4... Using Heat Styling Tools & Harmful Products Excessively

It's easy to fall into the trap of excessive heat styling and using harmful products when there’s always a new style to try. Excessive use of heat styling tools like flat irons and curling wands can lead to weakened strands, breakage, and loss of natural moisture. 

There are numerous heat-free ways to style your crown, providing you with a diverse range of options and versatility that can rival or even exceed heat styling techniques. Embrace the beauty of your unique curls, kinks, and coils by trying our 'Wash and Go Styling Gel. This specially formulated gel is designed to define your curls, offering a strong and long-lasting hold without heat or harmful ingredients.


Mistake #5... Not Trimming Hair Regularly

Regularly trimming your hair may seem contradictory to achieving long, luscious locks, but it is an essential step in preserving the health of your hair. Trimming removes split ends, preventing them from traveling up the hair shaft and causing further damage. It promotes healthier hair growth by creating a strong foundation. Pair your trimming routine with our Hair Growth Duo, specially formulated to nourish and strengthen your hair from within. Subscribe and Save 25% off + Free Shipping.


Mistake #6... Ignoring Your Scalp

When it comes to achieving healthy hair growth, we cannot underestimate the power of a nourished scalp. We recognize that a healthy scalp sets the stage for flourishing tresses. Regular scalp massages using our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir not only feels amazing but also provides numerous benefits. The elixir features a meticulously curated blend of potent oils sourced from around the world, renowned for their nourishing properties. These oils work synergistically to deeply penetrate the scalp, stimulate circulation, and create an optimal environment for promoting healthy hair growth. By incorporating our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir into your routine, you're giving your scalp the attention it deserves. Nurture your roots, revitalize your follicles, and watch as your hair flourishes.


Mistake #7... Other Little Details

Little strides in your daily life can have a huge impact on your hair health. Be sure to protect your hair at night with a satin scarf or bonnet to prevent tangles and frizz. Drink plenty of water daily and reap the benefits of beautiful, healthy hair! Also remember, a good diet results in healthier hair and a healthier you. 


Ultimately, the most effective approach to promote growth, enhance shine, achieve fullness, and maintain optimal hair and scalp health is to implement practices that specifically cater to your hair type and porosity. Ensure that you establish a solid hair care routine that avoids common mistakes that can hinder your progress on your hair journey. If you need help for building your routine & staying motivated with "results you can see", our Grow & Track Bundle is perfect for you!

As always, Shedavi is here to help you achieve your healthiest hair with zero compromises! Shop Shedavi Now.

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