6 Ways to Incorporate Natural Oils in Your Hair Regimen

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6 Ways to Incorporate Natural Oils in Your Hair Regimen

Natural oils are a great way to provide the hair with nourishment and strength. They also help keep hair moisturized, reduce friction and improve the natural luster and shine of the hair. Most of us have an oil or two that we are particularly drawn to. For me, that oil is castor oil. If I were going to be stranded on a deserted island and could only have one product for my hair, castor oil would be that product.


All oils create a barrier between the hair and air (atmosphere) once applied. It is this barrier that seals moisture into the hair and slows moisture loss. However, each oil will impart additional benefits to the hair based on its chemical makeup and particle size. Particle size, for example, determines whether an oil is able to enter or penetrate the hair shaft. Examples of common penetrating oils include coconut, avocado, and olive oils. Below is a list of some of the most commonly used natural oils and their benefits to the hair.




Tea Tree Oil

Treats dandruff and dry scalp conditions. 

Castor Oil

Promotes growth. Thickens hair

Grapeseed Oil

Non-greasy. Light. Strengthens the hair follicle. Reduces dandruff

Olive Oil

Penetrating oil. Rich in fatty acids that help coat and seal hair

Coconut Oil

Penetrating oil. Reduces damage due to the wash process. Imparts shine.

Sweet Almond Oil

Adds shine. Helps strengthen hair and fight breakage.

Avocado Oil

Antioxidant properties protect hair. Not greasy. Penetrating oil.



For those of us who are not inclined to create DIY oil blends, Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Elixir is chock full of great oils, already blended for you. For me though, I prefer to not rinse my higher end products from my hair. So, while I use my elixir for sealing and scalp massages, I would be my absolute last choice to use it for hot oil treatments or pre-shampoo treatments. I just couldn’t bare to rinse all that goodness from my hair after the short span of time these treatments require. If this does not matter to you as much as it matters to me, then, by all means, go ahead and use your elixir for every and any of your oil needs. Let’s take a look at 6 ways we can incorporate natural oils and by extension Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Elixir in your hair regimen.



Sealing is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of ways in which we can incorporate natural oils in our hair regimen. Sealing is the second part of the two-step moisturizing process, which involves first applying water or a water based product to the hair and then following up with a second layer of natural oil or butter. Without the second step, moisture evaporates quickly from the hair, making the process ineffective. Oils keep moisture within the hair strands for longer periods of time and in so doing, helps keep the hair supple and manageable.


Pre-shampoo treatment

Oils make excellent pre-shampoo treatments and help the hair to withstand the shampooing process without becoming overly dry. Pre-poos or pre-shampoo treatments may consist purely of oils or a blend of oils and other ingredients including conditioners.


How to do a pre-poo

  • Apply your pre-poo treatment to hair in sections appropriate to your hair’s length and thickness. Ensure all your strands are properly coated. This is a good time to finger detangle and remove any of the larger knots in your hair.
  • Cover hair with a shower cap, plastic cap or grocery bag.
  • Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes. The longer the better.
  • Rinse hair and shampoo and condition as normal.


Oil rinsing

Oil rinsing is the process of applying oil to the hair directly after the shampooing process. This step ensures that natural oils removed by shampoo are immediately replenished. Excess oils are removed from the hair during the conditioning step and once dry, your hair should be shiny, soft and moisturized.


How to do an oil rinse

  • Shampoo hair or rinse thoroughly with water if you are planning to co-wash your hair instead.
  • Coat your hair thoroughly with your choice of oil.
  • Rinse excess oil from hair with warm water.
  • Condition and detangle as usual
  • Rinse conditioner from hair and follow with a final cold rinse to seal cuticles of the hair shaft.
  • Proceed to dry and style hair as usual


Benefits of oil rinsing

  • Improved moisture retention
  • easier detangling process
  • fewer single strand knots
  • frizz reduction
  • softer and more manageable hair
  • improved natural shine


Hot oil treatments

Hot oil treatments are done prior to the shampoo process in the same way pre-shampoo treatments are done. Like pre-shampoo treatments, hot oil treatments help prepare the hair for the stress and manipulation. They help combat dry hair and scalp, frizz and may improve shine.

Hot oil treatments are done in the same way pre-poos are done except that the hot is warmed before being applied to the hair. Placing your container of oil in a cup of hot water for a minute or two is usually sufficient to warm it to a comfortable temperature for application to the hair.


Scalp massages

Scalp massages are the absolute best and they are even better when someone else does them for you. Scalp massages increase the flow of blood to the scalp and benefit not just the scalp, but the hair and hair follicles as well. The increased blood flow can potentially result in increased hair growth and strengthen the entire shaft of the hair. Dryness of the hair and scalp, flakiness and itching are alleviated and the strength, shine, and flexibility of the hair is improved especially when natural oils are incorporated in the massaging process. In addition to all these benefits, scalp massages help to reduce stress and may even ease headaches. We should all be doing scalp massages at least once each week to take advantage of all these amazing benefits.


Increasing slip of your conditioner

Adding oils to your conditioner can increase it’s slip, enhance shine and improve the ease with one is able to detangle the hair. I have done this several times when a conditioner lacked the amount of slip I needed or when I just wanted to give my hair a little boost.

How do you use oils and Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Oil in your hair regimen? Please share in the comment section below.

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