Beauty Boosts to Do Before You Say I Do!

The final stretch before the wedding so often ends up being about other people. You’re redoing the seating chart again because Aunt Mary is no longer speaking to your Cousin CeCe. You’re ensuring your bridesmaids received their dresses and that they fit. You’re giving pep talks and making snap decisions. You deserve some time to focus on you before the big day. Setting aside time for a beauty boost gives you a moment of self-care with the added benefit of looking your best for the wedding. We know that wedding planning is expensive, so here are four bridal beauty boosts that work for any budget.

Brighten up

Short on time? A bridal facial is a quick way to invest in you. The closer you get to the wedding, the more you want to avoid any type of facial that would bring blemishes to the surface. Choose a facial that has skin brightening and moisturizing qualities. If you’re counting your pennies, opt for a sheet mask in pretty packaging. If you’ve got a little more to spend, see your local esthetician.

Get deep

A deep conditioning treatment is always good for you, but it’s especially beneficial as your wedding draws closer. Try our Protein Masque, grab your favorite non-wedding related magazine, and lounge around as the product works its magic. If you’re looking to splurge, set up an appointment for a deep conditioning treatment with your hair stylist.


If tying the knot has got your back in knots, this beauty boost is for you. Do something to unwind. Make your own aromatic bath with epsom salt and and an essential oil.  The epsom salt will moisturize your skin while releasing the tension in your muscles. You could also treat yourself to a full body massage. Your masseuse will make you feel like a new woman--just in time for your wedding day.

Bottoms up

Up your water intake to add to your overall glow.  Infuse your water with fruit to switch up the flavor, or brew a cup of tea that offers other beauty benefits. You can even make a ritual out of it. A glass of lemon water in the morning. A cup of tea before bed.  While you’re sipping, don’t forget to take your Whole Food Vitamin.

What beauty boosts are you incorporating into your pre-wedding routine? What tips do you have for making time for you before the wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We can’t wait to read them!

Written By: Taylor Morrison

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