Best Protective Styles for Hair Growth

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Best Protective Styles for Hair Growth

Protective styling. You’ve heard about it. You know you need to do it, but you don’t know where to start. Or maybe you know where to start, but you’re tired of doing your same ol’ two-strand twist out. Does this sound like you, sis? We’re well into Fall, and the weather isn’t the only thing that’s trying to switch things up.  Take a look below at some of the best protective styles that you can rock from now until Christmas.


Protective Style #1 Wig

If you want to switch up your look on a daily basis quickly, then a host of wigs can be your best friend. You want to be a blonde? Slap on that wig. You feeling like you need some long lengths in your life? A wig can handle that for you. Wishing you could try that pixie cut but don’t want to cut your hair? You already know a wig can be your friend. Because you can take them off every night, wigs are one of the best protective styles if you plan to treat your real hair each day. Best of all, by using the Shedavi Vitamins, Elixir, and Leave-in Conditioner, you can see up to an inch of growth in as little as one month!


Protective Style #2 Box Braids

Next up, we have the box braids. Poetic justice has come a long way, hasn’t it? The reason we like box braids so much is because of the endless hairstyle possibilities. The more creative you are, the more styles you can rock with your box braids. Since you’re not manipulating your hair at all while it’s braided up, box braids are an excellent protective style that can last over a month. Just like with the wig protective style, you can also easily use the Shedavi Elixir and Vitamins to keep your hair healthy and watch it grow.

However, be careful not to add too much tension on your edges and ensure that the braids aren't tight during the install...I'd hate for you to end up with hair loss because of improper installation


Protective Style #3 Twists

Twists are yet another great protective style because, like box braids, you also can be versatile with the different styles that you rock. Unlike box braids, twists usually take a lot less time to put in, and they also can potentially be worn longer depending on your texture because the twists will just look better and better with age. This holds particularly true with faux locs. When you are rocking your twists, don’t forget to keep them looking fresh by rubbing in some Shedavi Elixir oil every day.


Protective Style #4 Sew-In

The sew-in is kind of like the busy woman’s wig. There are pros and cons to having a sew-in as a protective style, with the most significant drawback being that you cannot take it off—making keeping your hair underneath a bit of a challenge. However, just because it’s a challenge doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. For instance, you can still easily nourish your natural tresses from the inside using the Shedavi Vitamins. Also, if you get a nozzle to reach your scalp, the Shedavi Elixir can be your best friend in preventing any itching that comes from having those tracks near your scalp. Be sure to shampoo and condition your hair so that your braids stay clean and hydrated. 

Protective Style #5 Updo

The final protective style worth mentioning is the updo. The beauty of an updo is that after you do it one time, you don’t have to do anything else to your hair until it’s time to take it down. Although you’re pretty limited on switching up the styles, you can still enjoy the benefits of your hair being nice and protected. Depending on the updo, you should be able to wear it for at least 2-3 weeks, allowing your hair to stay nice and protected.


What’s your favorite protective style? Tell us in the comments!



Written by Bianca Scott

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