A Quick Look at Wash and Go Styling for Winter

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A Quick Look at Wash and Go Styling for Winter

Since the weather has decided to drop, I’m getting less and less motivated to do anything major with my hair. Does anyone else feel that way? I know I can’t be the only one. As much as I live by protective styles, there are times when I want to let my hair take a break and just be free— especially this time of year. Ladies, I think I have the answer to our problems: the winter wash and go. You probably know by now the benefits of doing a wash and go, but let me remind you by giving you the top 5 reasons why you might want to do a wash and go over any other style.

Wash and Go  Reason 1: Cut Wash Days in Half

The beauty of doing a wash and go is that once you get done with the conditioning, you don’t have to wait for your hair to dry before you can finish your hairstyle. Your hair drying is the hairstyle! For those of us who are short on time or just don’t like spending hours on end fooling with their tresses, a wash and go could come in handy.

Wash and Go  Reason 2: Easier than a Twistout

If you’ve never done a twist out or have a hard time getting them to turn out right, then a wash and go can be your go-to hairstyle. The most difficult part of your wash and go is the detangling phase (which is optional). There is no parting, apart from what you do with your fingers to work the product into your hair. All you have to do is apply product and walk out the door. No experience necessary.

Wash and Go  Reason 3: Provides Moisture 

Being natural means that you should be carrying a tub of moisturizer with you at all times. Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you really do need to keep moisture in your hair if you want to prevent breakage and excess shrinkage. When you keep a wash and go style, you have the pleasure of adding moisture to your hair every time, preventing your hair from potential damage.

Wash and Go  Reason 4: Retains Hair Length

As was alluded to in the previous section, a wash and go helps with length retention because of the frequent moisture that is each time you rock the style. The only way to keep your length is by keeping your hair from being dry. After washing your hair, you’re going to add a conditioner and moisturizer, which will help keep your hair looking healthy.

Wash and Go  Reason 5: Simple Night Routine

Arguably, one of the absolute best things about a wash and go is the fact that there is no longer a night time routine. All you have to do is pineapple your hair with a silk scarf and go straight to bed. There’s no twisting your hair. There’s no braids. It’s just you putting on your bonnet. That’s all.

How to do a wash and go with Shedavi products

A wash and go hairstyle using Shedavi products is super easy. Start by cowashing your hair with the Shedavi Crowned Cowash. After you’re finished, towel pat dry your hair and apply some of your Shedavi Crowned Styling Leave-In Conditioner.  Don’t skip this step. The leave-in is critical to adding that extra shine and long-standing moisture. The final step is to use a generous amount of Shedavi Crowned Styling Wash and Go Gel. This will help to get your hair to clump and be more defined— exactly the look you’d be going for with a wash and go. Once you’re done, then you’re all set!

Take a look at our video for a more detailed look at wash and go styles.

What questions do you have about how to do a wash and go style in your hair? Ask about it in the comments!

Written by Bianca Scott

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