How To Have Healthy Gym Hair for 2020

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How To Have Healthy Gym Hair for 2020

One of my goals is to get my body back in order before the summer hits, and that means going to the gym faithfully every single week. Going to the gym means that your hair health has to take a backburner...or does it? Yes, there is a way for you to drop the inches without having to worry about your tresses suffering in the process. Take a look below at the top four healthy gym hair tips to start off your 2020. 


Healthy Gym Hair Tip #1: Keep Your Hair Away From Your Scalp

As crazy as it may sound, there’s a method to the madness. When most people start to work out, they will begin to sweat within a few minutes. Shocker right? Well, did you know that your scalp, since it’s surrounded with all your lovely hair, is one of the first places to get that sweat? Which is why you may notice a lot of people who leave the gym has hair that is soaking wet. If you’re natural, you already know what can happen if your hair gets too wet. At the same time, you shouldn’t not go hard in the gym just because you’re scared your hair is going to shrink. Therefore, wear loose ponytails and headbands to keep your hair away from your scalp as much as possible.

Healthy Gym Hair Tip #2 Refrain from Shampooing Every Day

When you’re exercising, you might feel a need to wash your hair every day because it feels gritty or sweaty. Don’t. First off, that’s just going to require you to do more work than you need to. Do a co-wash instead with Shedavi Crowned Co-Wash so that you don’t have to worry about your hair being so overwashed that it starts to dry out and break off. 

Healthy Gym Hair Tip #3 When In Doubt Protective Styles Are Your Friend

If you’re going to turn into a dedicated gym rat, one of the better ways that you can keep your hair healthy is to have a style in that will make you have to leave it alone. Braids, twists, locks, or sew-ins are all great protective styles that you can use while you’re on your quest to get into shape. Just make sure that you take care of your real hair underneath.

Healthy Gym Hair Tip #4 Keep Your Hair Dry

Let’s say you’re not big on protective styles and you want to keep rocking your tresses while still going to the gym. What can you do to still keep it healthy? For one, you need to keep your hair dry. I mentioned that you need to keep it away from your scalp, but if you accidentally get it wet, then you need to take the time to let it dry before taking it down. In other words, if you’re hair is in a ponytail or braids, you don’t want to take it loose while your hair is still wet. Wet hair is hair that is more fragile, therefore, keep your hair dry to prevent any accidental breakage. 

There are your four tips for healthy gym hair while you’re on your way to getting your sexy back this season. What else do you do to keep your hair healthy while you work out? Tell us about it in the comments!


Written by Bianca Scott

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