Bobs that Slay: Our favorite Curly Bobs for Summer 2019


Is it hot out here or is it just me? You don’t even have to check your phones to know that the sun is not playing around with us this year. What better way to keep the hair off your shoulders than with a cute curly bob for summer 2019? Now, I know a lot of us are into doing some type of protective styling, and a bob can be just what you need if you don’t want to have to sit down for a headful of braids, twists, or locs. There are just short of a million to choose from, but we’re going to narrow it down to our top 10 favorite curly bobs for summer 2019. Warning: this slay is about to be something serious.




So, this curly bob is very subtle while still being trendy. Black will forever be in style, and the loose, curly waves make this low maintenance to the max. This look is great for going to the beach or going to work without having a hair out of place. If you have a frontal of a closure, it will be 100% manipulation free.



I don’t know what it is about auburn-red spice, but it just looks so good on all skin types! The color is definitely stealing the show in this curly bob, but don’t count out the soft curls that have been finger combed throughout the hair to make it appear wavy. Once again, you got a workday/vacation combo in one.




Calling all naturals! If you want a bob that mimics your natural texture, try this one of for size. Leaving out a slight bang make the beauty rocking this curly bob look very down to earth and friendly. Kinky hair of tight two strand twist on your real hair can help you to achieve this look this summer. As long as you keep the hair moisturized with a spray of Shedavi Crowned Leave-in Conditioner, you will be good to go.



This is one of them hairstyles when you get it because you want to make a statement. As far as curly hairstyles go, this one is absolutely gorgeous.  Tight spirals that are cut into a bob with a side part is flirty and edgy. You may not want to go to the beach with this one, but you most definitely can go from day job to happy hour.




As if the curly bob before this one wasn’t edgy enough. This is another one of those I’m trying to make a statement hairstyles. Not only is the color gorgeous, but the volume is just to die for. We salute you for this one, sis.



Although this curly bob isn’t the curliest, we had to add it to the list because of it’s sultry simplicity. Darker root leading to honey blonde ends wake up this bob and add life. Not the mention the fact that the curls are messy and all over the hair making it look loose and sexy. This one I a winner for any occasion.



Back to keeping it cute with this curly bob! This one made the list because it is an effortless, beach bob. Yeah, you can wear it like this to work. Yep, you can go out too. But what really sets it off is that it’s definitely a loose curl that just barely touches the shoulders.



Alright, we’re getting down to the nitty gritty and the competition is starting to get fierce. This curly bob definitely deserves its spot in the top 3. Sexy, laid back, edgy, and chic…all in one! Is it because it’s asymmetrical that makes it a head turner? Is it that bob blonde color that makes our mouths water? Or is it the soft curls that a placed all throughout the style that makes it look bomb? Whatever it is, I’m here for it.



I know they said blondes have more fun, but this red curly bob here…F-I-E-R-C-E. Looking at it makes me want to go to the salon ta-day! This looks like it was achieved with a curling wand then finger combed through to make it look a little looser. The fact that it’s a true bob makes it that much better.  



Last, but not least, we have this curly bob for our top pick for Summer 2019. Why? Girl…look at it. Big juicy curls that probably was achieve with a combination of curling rods and hair rolls. The volume of the style that gets tames by tucking a piece behind the ear. The fact that it’s black which we already established is always a style and can be used at all times of day and for any occasion. This curly bob truly is everything and more. Swimsuit, business attire, club dress—it don’t matter. If you have this style in your head, you will be a diva. Period.


Which one was your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!


Written by Bianca Scott



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