Curls anyone? How to get your locks curly for Spring Break

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Curls anyone? How to get your locks curly for Spring Break


Welcome to Spring Break, ya’ll! The sun is out, and it is time to let our hair done and take in these beautiful rays. Goodness knows that we been in the cold for way too long. You’re probably trying to figure out some of the best ways that you can style your hair for Spring Break. With all these new braid styles popping up on Facebook and Instagram, it can be so hard to pick just one. Well, we’re going to take a slightly different route with this article and show some love to a group that we don’t usually pay homage to: the dreadheads. Keeping up with locks is no joke, and as women, it can get difficult to find different ways to style your dreads and keep them looking like you want them to. Some of us are in the corporate world and have to keep them professional whereas others just need a little inspiration for different hairstyles. Whichever your story, we got you covered—per usual. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to get some cute curls with your locks for Spring Break.




The most basic way to get your dreads curly is by using flexirods. They come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s best to pick one that corresponds with the type of curl that you’re looking to have. For example, if you have dreads that are bra strap length, you may need to use the purple or dark green flexirods because they have a larger circumference. On the other hand, if your hair is on the shorter side, then the grey or orange flexirods will do the trick.

On top of added a layer of feminism, flexirods can also help to make the hair appear shorter without having to actually cut your hair.  Take about 3-4 dreads to use per flexirod, and wrap up to let set overnight. If you really want them to be short, we recommend using smallest flexi rod that you can find. It may take a little longer to get all your hair rolled up, but the results will be cute! When you take them loose the next day, you will have a head full of shorter bouncy curls. No need to use any scissors and have cutter’s remorse.



Braid Out


Another easy way to get curly dreads for Spring Break is to do a simple braid out. The smaller the braids, the curlier your dreads will look once you decide to take the braids a loose. To achieve the look, simply get your hair damp, then proceed to braid your dreads into cornrows. Allow for it to dry, then remove the braids. Boom! You have yourself a nice head of curls. Now, as a quick tip: the key to keeping the curls is to actually leave the braids in for as long as possible. I know a guy who keeps his hair braided for a week after I retwist just so that he can wear it curly for two or three. It you really want those curls, leave the cornrows in for a little longer than a day or two to help set the waves.


Perm Rods


Just like with flexirods, perm rods can also be used to get dreads curly for Spring Break. You will definitely need a lot more of these than you did flexirods, but this is for those who want more of a Shirley Temple kind of curl. Don’t worry, if that’s really not your thing to be rockin’ for long periods of time- the curls definitely start to loosen up after a couple of days. When doing perm rod curls, it’s best to use one dread per roller as opposed to several at a time like with the flexirods. However, if you’re looking for a looser curl, then you can get a larger curler and add 2 or 3 at a time. I wouldn't do more than 3 per rod because they’re so short.


Pipe Cleaner Curls


Another option is to get your hair curly for Spring Break is to use pipe cleaners. Yes, I‘m referring to those little things that you get from the arts and craft section of Target or Wally World. People are so creative, aren’t they? All you have to do is take one of the your pipe cleaners and gently fold it in half. Make a loop out of one of the ends. And twist the rest of the pipe cleaner into a spiral. Think of your DNA model. You’ll need to add just a touch of gel to the hair to ensure that it stays put. Next, wrap your hair around your pipe cleaner just like you did for your perm rod. When wrapping, keep the looped side on the bottom so that it’s easier to pull out once your hair is dry. Keeping doing this same process for each one of your dreads until you complete your entire head, This one is a little bit harder to explain so take a look at this tutorial which shows you how to curl dreadlocks with pipe cleaners .


Hopefully, you can use at least one of these techniques to get your dreads curly for Spring Break. Did you try any of these methods and have great results? Tell us about it in the comments!

Written By Bianca Scott

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