40 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Cool in 2021

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40 Easy Summer Hairstyles to Keep You Cool in 2021

Most people love summer and can’t wait for the warm weather. There is nothing better than daily walks or spending time on the beach. The days are hot and the nights are full of life. In summer, life is simply better, don't you agree?

In summer, we are always looking for inspiration for simple jet effective hairstyles. We strive to choose hairstyles that will give us softness and freshness, keep hair out of our face, and still be elegant enough to be worn all day. Wondering what are the hair trends for summer 2021? Keep reading.

Cute Summer Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

Long hair, especially if it is thick and unruly, can be a burden on hot summer days. Especially after swimming or sunbathing. If we wear our hair down, then we are hot, and if we tie it up, we feel impersonal. Struggle, isn’t it? A visit to the hairdresser seems to be the only reasonable solution. But, before you seriously start thinking about a haircut, take a look at our suggestions for medium to long hair summer hairstyles.

Beach Waves

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is “low-key” and “easy,” beachy waves are exactly what you are looking for. They are versatile and universally flattering. Getting a beachy texture is totally possible at home and is quite suitable for beginners. While there are many methods for getting beachy waves, it is best to opt for one that suits your hair type. So, grab your straightener, curling iron — or use no heat at all.

Beach Waves Hairstyle
studio1901 /


Thick or thin, stick straight or wispy and textured, there are many ways to customize a tendril look. You can wear it updo, half updo and even when the hair is completely down. All you need is just a hair tie and a few bobby pins. Throw your hair in a messy bun or ponytail, pull out two strands and you’re ready for a cocktail party.

nakaridore /

Almighty Braids

Women have worn braids for thousands of years, and by far they are the oldest way of styling hair. They are perfect for almost any occasion, whether you’re at work, school, gym or even at a wedding. Women around the world use braids to protect their strands from damage and to help the mane grow longer, as well as to show off their wild imagination. Need inspiration? Express your creativity through some of these unique braid styles.

  • Side Braid 

Side braid hairstyles are the ultimate cure for a lifeless mop of long hair. They are fun and charming in style, and can be worn for special events. Make two side braids, and put the rest of your hair into a messy bun or beach waves, everyone will like it.

Suti Stock Photo /
  • Crown Braid

One of the most popular ways to rock this hairstyle is to make a crown braid. Use all of your hair to create a braid that wraps all the way around your head. It can be tight or messy, and if you have bangs, a braided crown hairstyle will look phenomenal on you.

MartiniDry /
  • Box Braids

Of all the protective hairstyles, box braids hairstyles are probably one of the most popular. Our natural hair is often manipulated and tends to breakage; therefore it needs rest and additional protection provided by Box Braids. The end result will be gorgeous and you will look like a real goddess, trust us.

Box Braids / Model is Employed by Shedavi
  • French Braid

The French braid is classic and timeless and is a perfect hairstyle for the second or third day hair. It can be made as either a single braid or a double braid, usually starting at the top of the head and descends down to the nape of the neck. There are dozens of styling options when it comes to French braids, from buns to waterfall plaits and much more! Remember, once you’ve mastered French braids, the possibilities are endless!

Unique Dandridge /
  • Dutch Braid

This braid hairstyle can also work as a single or double braid, and is often referred to as “boxing braids”. The Dutch braid is actually like an inverted or reversed version of the French braid. It goes from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, but it is styled in a slightly different way because it brings the outer strands below the middle part creating that floating braid effect.

Moskalenko Yuliya /
  • Tree Branch Braids

Tree branch braids or as others call it “Invisible braids” are one of the most famous African American hairstyles. They are very easy to do, and one of the main advantages is their low maintenance. The hair is attached and braided on to the root, but then it branches out and is left unbraided until it reaches the ends. They are made faster than traditional box braids because you don’t have to braid to the ends. It is such an easy to wear look that will suit everyone.

Dmitry_Tsvetkov /
  • Top Knot

Trust us, the top knot is the sweetest and easiest way to style your hair at home. Whether you have a business meeting or a surprise date, the top knot will give you a cool and effortless-looking style. This hairstyle is a great solution for a bad hair day, and you only need a few minutes to make it. It is adored by everyone, from influencers on social media, to teachers and business women.

Roman Samborskyi /

Goddess Locs

The ends of the Goddess locs are loose and curly and can have a silky or distressed looking texture. But what sets them apart from all the others are the unfinished wavy ends. There are two popular ways to install goddess locs: the individual method (takes up to eight hours) and the crochet method (takes about two to three hours). For all those looking for a quicker and easier solution for hot summer days, the crochet method is ideal, not only because it is a time saver but, but it’s also much safer for your hair. Since the hair is completely wrapped inside, these locs are also one of the protective hairstyles. Goddess locs can be installed with human or synthetic hair, so you don’t have to worry if your hair is too short, and once you’ve installed your locks, the styling options are endless. Maintenance is not complicated, it's all about scalp care (regular misting and oiling with your favorite products). Keep in mind, it is recommended keeping your locks in no longer than 3 months since the hair will begin to matte and loc up.

Goddess Locks / Model is Employed by Shedavi

Spiral curls

Spiral curls are timelessly beautiful and are so versatile when it comes to styling. Simply add your favorite leave-in and / or curl cream to freshly washed hair, part your hair into small sections, and twist your curls from root to tip. Remember to twirl your loose ends into a uniformed spiral and slay the day.

kotizatemakeup / Instagram

Wet Look

No matter if you’re walking the red carpet or walking to lunch, the wet hair look will always attract attention. There are two ways of achieving the wet look. You can style it from wet by mixing a little hair gel and shine cream between your hands and smooth through the hair from front to back. Or fake the wet look by using old-fashioned pomade; mix it with some wax and smooth hair back into place. This look will be little tricky to perform on an afro hairstyle, but it is quite possible. Try to blow drying it straight and back off the face, adding the grips behind the ears, then apply oil to maintain movement and avoid crunchiness. We think you will fall in love with this hairstyle.

Chaletgirl /

Curly Updo

Summer is the perfect time to experiment with naturally curly hair. Curly updos are one of the easiest ways to toss up curls on blistering days. You don’t need to reach for hot tools at all, instead, create a loose french braid and hide its end into a full messy bun. Don’t forget to pull out a few strands to complete the look. Do you know what is best of all? This low maintenance hairstyle is extremely secure and will stay in place through a night of dancing. /

Curly Wash ‘n Go

A wash and go is both the easiest and trickiest of curly hairstyles to perfect. The concept is very simple, it consists of washing your hair and styling it without the use of heat. This style itself is determined by your haircut and the length of hair, and is usually worn loose with curly bangs, a middle or deep side part, or slightly asymmetrical with a longer front and shorter back. No matter which style you choose, remember that regular moisturizing is the key to maintaining healthy hair. The Shedavi Revitalizing Mist and Wash N Go Gel are great for this style.

kotizatemakeup / Instagram


Wearing a wig in the summer can pose challenges for many wig wearers, especially for women who wear long hair wigs or human hair wigs. But also, isn’t summer a time for small changes that make life more interesting? Shake things up and try something new, edgy, calm or sassy. Wigs are what can make you fashionable and cool in these hot summer days.

And-One /

Sweet summer hairstyles for short hair

The dichotomy of long versus short hair is strongest in the summer days. Experimenting with length is a fun way to temporarily change things.

Although many are afraid of it, short hairstyles are glam. They are bold, sexy and very easy to maintain. And most important of all, with short hairstyles you can never go wrong because they are always trendy. So, spice things up with a shorter length for a sexy, lighter hairstyle.

The Pixie

Pixie crop or pixie cut is a women’s hairstyle about half an inch to 3-inches in length. It can be one-length or shorter on the back / side and longer on the top. They became popular in the 50s, after the premiere of a Roman Holiday featuring the charming short-haired Audrey Hepburn. Short pixie cuts are sassy and bold, and can flatter all types of facial shapes and features. They are easy to style with just a quick blowdry and don’t require an arsenal of tools or products to style, this look is au-naturale.


wayhome studio /


A bob haircut is pretty decent, relatively low maintenance, and most of all a marvelous solution for thin locks. It can be collarbone, chin-length or cropped styles, wavy and flat, shaggy and smooth, asymmetrical and symmetrical, the possibilities are endless. Although certain hair trends come and go, this look will never go out of fashion. Bobs are classic, and can be so effortlessly cool. These are the best bob hairstyles of 2021; maybe they will inspire your next trip to the hair salon:

  • Sharp Bob 
Vitalii Smulskyi /
  • French Bob
Just dance /
  • One-Length Bob
Yakobchuk Viacheslav /
  • Rounded Bob
Luba V Nel /
  • Cropped Bob
ShotPrime Studio /
  • Flipped Bob
Sofia Zhuravetc /

    Big Chop

    Are you planning to shave your head? Don’t be afraid of change; embrace your natural hair journey. Big chop is not just a hairstyle; it is a new version of you, a new, fresh start, which will give you one consistent texture with no split ends. Short hairstyles are flattering, sexy and fun to wear. This trip doesn’t have to be your worst nightmare, rock these hot summer days!

    Prostock-studio /

    The 6 Hottest Hairstyle Trends Of Summer 2021

    Fantasy Colors

    This year’s summer hair trends are nothing like what we wore before. Hair color ideas range from natural-looking babylights to gorgeous pastel colors. Need a change? Dare and try some of our suggestions: denim hair, mermaid hair, pastel waves, two-tone undercuts, white blonde locks and more.

    IvaFoto /

    '70s Bangs

    Along with peaked and voluminous hair, these charming '70s curtain bangs create an elegant stripped-down vibe. Due to its shape and lightness, they require the lowest maintenance. They can be wavy, super smooth, natural and if you get bored they can disappear very quickly by splitting your hair to the side.

    Curtain Bangs - '70s style

    Real Deal Photo /

    Modern Mullet

    "Business in the front, party in the back" is a saying that marked the crazy 80s. We've been seeing mullets everywhere lately, but we have to admit, the modern version is more chill, little longer and less severe. Do you have the courage to try it and spice up your summer?

    Emma Grimberg /

    Messy Bun

    Regardless of the length of the hair, a messy bun should be one of the easiest hairstyles to master. Unlike outdated versions that are drowned in liters of hairspray, the new versions are made to look like you made them spontaneously in seconds. A messy bun looks natural and playful, yet inconspicuous and can be run from medium length hair. For this easy summer hairstyle you will need: a brush, hair ties, hairspray and bobby pins. Don’t forget to take out a few strands of hair to get that messy look.

    Roman Samborskyi /

    High ponytail

    The high ponytail is an eternal classic and usually our first choice because it’s hard to go wrong with it. It is a hairstyle that can be combined on many occasions. For days when the hair is not in the best shape - opt for a high ponytail, which will give you a good hairstyle in just a few minutes.

    High Ponytail / Model is Employed by Shedavi

    90's Inspired Hip Hop/Retro Diva

    Gothic micro bangs, supermodel blowouts, and tousled pixie cuts are just some of the hairstyles that marked the 90’s. And whether you like it or not, these trends are back. From messy buns to a broad selection of bangs, butterfly clips, something special is hiding there. These are our favorites.

    • Finger Waves

    Finger wave method was especially popular in the 20’s and 90’s. Many Hollywood stars wore this hairstyle and therefore contributed to its popularity and evolution. With this unique feminine style you will never go wrong. To create it, all you need is a simple fine-toothed comb and your hands to style your hair into rounded, S-shaped smooth waves. You can experiment with dry and wet waves or sexy ridged ones, the possibilities are endless. Indulge your imagination and enjoy.

    • Janet Jackson's Braids

    We are 100% sure, this hairstyle will never go out of fashion. Iconic Janet Jackson's Braids are versatile and look just as well worn under a slouchy cap or tied with a head wrap. /
    • The Layered Look

    If you love variety, a layered look will offer you attractive shattered shapes that are sharper and much more versatile than classic straight line haircuts. It is a great choice because if it flatters all women and has a wide range of execution. This hairstyle offers a lot; thick manes get a feeling of lightness, fine hair the desired volume and curly hair gets structured curls. And you know what’s best of all? A layered look can be styled in the comfort of your own home. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Rachel’s Haircut? This famous 90’s style, as well as Aaliyah’s layered hairstyle, are spreading like wildfire on social media. Will you let it catch you too?

    LaSa71 /
    • Tiny Braids

    These tiny braids have actually brought about a revolution of braid-wearing today. Since the braids are so tiny, they look like a thick strand of hair.

    frantic00 /
    • Baby Spice Pigtails

    Pigtails are among the most controversial beauty looks of all time. Playful and cute, they can be appropriate for grown women and not just little girls! The key to modern, adult pigtails is in the fullness and volume. You can wear them half up version or high or low on the sides of the head, the possibilities are endless.

    Pixpan_creative /

    Hair Accessories

    Hair accessories have made a strong comeback in the last few years. And how could they not when they are so cute and practical! We can wear it with different hairstyles, clothing combinations and on different occasions. These are our favorites for the summer of 2021.

    • Headbands

    Headbands are a classic hair accessory that comes in so many different styles. They are ideal for adding a chic touch to your effortless look.

    Photo Book Pro /
    • Scrunchies

    Scrunchie madness was such a defining trend of the ’90s and it seems to us this year as well. They were perfect for securing any kind of ponytail or even just wearing around one's wrist like a bracelet.

    tanya_ph /
    • Scarf Hair Tie

    It gives us the impression of a scarf without having to deal with the hassle of actually tying one and getting your hair tangled in it.

    CarlosDavid /
    • Hair Clips

    Designed for all hair types, from thick and curly to fine and straight, they are great for an instant cooling effect. Larger clips can lift the whole hair, and smaller are ideal for holding bangs and front hair pieces out of your face.

    Fluff Media /
    • Pearl Bobby Pins

    Bobby pins are easy to style, easy to place in your hair, elegant and a must-have hair accessory for summer 2021.

    Red Umbrella and Donkey /
    • Butterfly Clips

    Inspired by the 90s, butterfly clips are the coolest hair accessories of the season. Remember, they are only reserved for cool kids.

    frantic00 /
    • Cute Bandana

    The versatile bandana adds a touch of unique flair to any hairstyle, instantly upgrading your look. Loose hair, high ponytail, small and cute bun - we adore bandanas!

    Fotoluminate LLC /

    As temperatures rise, more and more of us are looking for easy and sweet summer hairstyles. We hope you enjoyed our selection of simple, casual hairstyles that require a minimum of effort. Let us know in the comments.

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