Five Minute Hair Fixes

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Five Minute Hair Fixes

Do any of these situations sound familiar? You roll out of bed feeling like a million bucks after an incredible night’s rest, and then you realize that you slept past your alarm.

You’ve settled in for the night, sweats and all. Your phone buzzes, and it’s your friend texting you to say that she finessed free tickets to an exclusive event.

You’ve made it through a long day at work. You’re dreaming about the dinner and glass of wine waiting for you at home. Then the guy you’ve been talking to asks if he can take you out for drinks.

We’ve all been there, so today we’re sharing our favorite five minute hair fixes. These quick tips will have you looking good and living your best life.

Spritz and go

Bring life back to your curls with our Revitalizing Mist. Keep a little bit at your desk, in your purse, or in your glove compartment. Use the spray with minimal manipulation to avoid frizz.

Fun with buns

Few styles are as quick or as polished as a classic bun. If you have longer hair, use a bun donut or a sock to keep the bun consistent. If your hair is on the shorter side, invest in an attachable bun. Get a few colors if you tend to switch your hair color up a lot. Whatever your hair length, make sure you don’t pull the bun too tight. No breakage for you!




Get hatted up

Depending on where you’re headed, a stylish hat can work wonders. A chic beret is the perfect addition to a minimalist look. Complete a strategically chill outfit with a beanie. While your hair is under wraps, you could even use our Leave-In Conditioner for an extra boost. Seek out a hat with a silk or satin liner, or add a liner of your own.


Headbands, clips, barrettes, and more. Adding an accessory can go a long way. Build a collection with different colors and embellishments to complement any outfit. Keep them with you in a kit so that you’re prepared for whatever adventures come your way.

Get it twisted

Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, twists can work for you. A few strategic twists can create a timeless updo.

What are your five minute hair fixes? Show us how you use Shedavi for your quick hairstyles using #shedavi for a chance to be featured on our social channels.

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  • Brenda P

    I purched the Hair Growth starter Bundle, been using it for three weeks and notice a significant difference in my hair on the positive side. I’m verry happy with the results and will continue to buy your product.

  • Rashida Harris

    I’ve been using this product for 3 weeks and I have noticed a significant amount of hair growth. I never thought that I would find an all natural product that will give me the fulfillment of having my hair grow; back due to loss from medication and stress. I am very grateful for this product and will forever be a customer.

  • Sheri Tademy-Davis

    I wear a wig, I am using your products for hair growth, and my hair IS growing nicely. What product would you suggest I use as a leave in conditioner under my wig to product my hair. My hair is fine and soft.
    Thank you.