How To Grow Your Hair Longer, Stronger, & Healthier in 2023

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How To Grow Your Hair Longer, Stronger, & Healthier in 2023

So we just made it to 2023! WOOOOP. You either just chopped off your hair or set your hair growth goals this year to flaunt long, thick hairstyles! Regardless, one thing that surely is on your mind is Healthy Hair! And here we are to share secrets to achieving your Healthiest Hair Yet!

On average, hair grows about ¼ to ½ inch per month and while that’s mostly based on genetics, there are factors that pump the brakes on your hair growth. This can be a combination of breakage, poor nutrition, illness or damage to your hair or scalp. No worries, this isn’t the end of the road for your crown. We know exactly how to kick start your hair growth again with some DIY hair growth solutions.

Healthy Hair Starts From Within

Supplementing your diet with vitamins and proteins that encourage healthy hair is key to giving your hair a head start. Supplements help when proper nutrition isn't enough. More than just for hair, vitamin supplements help other areas of the body. From immune system health to brain function, the right supplement can help you with your overall health. Our Oprah Mag Recommended Hair Growth Vitamins, the best vitamins for  promoting hair growth, are crafted from premium-quality natural ingredients so your hair grows as healthy as possible.

Don't like taking vitamins by themselves? These vitamins can be taken as is or you can incorporate them into your breakfast smoothies or a meal throughout the day. In addition to the Hair Growth Vitamins, incorporating superfoods like amla, spirulina and more may provide an extra boost to your hair growth but proper nutrition is just half the job.

Create A Cleansing Routine And Stick With It

For maximum holistic hair growth, a clean & cared for scalp is key. Let’s start with establishing your hair care routine in your SheGrowin’ Planner. Tracker. Journal. This all in one selfcare & hair health tracker will help you plan and track how often you cleanse, style, treat and protect your hair and scalp. Cleansing & conditioning once a week is suggested for textured hair. For those quick Wash & Go’s between Wash Days, our CoWash truly helps to save time to ensure your hair is clean and conditioned using just one simple product.

Hair and self care planner, tracker, journal


Using The Correct Products

It is an understatement to say that using the correct products for your hair is good. It is, in fact, the most essential step of healthy hair growth. Using products that are free of harmful chemicals & toxins help to ensure your hair retains its natural oils without harming your overall health. Be it nurturing your hair with the required protein with a deep conditioning mask or using a styling gel that doesn’t flake, it is essential to choose the correct products on your hair growth journey.


Scalp Massages Promote Growth Massively

Next, treat your hair and scalp with a scalp massage. You can encourage increased growth by adding natural oils to your hair care routine. Our Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir Oil is packed with the best oils for hair growth.  Start by using the pads of your fingers and massage the scalp in relaxed circular motions. Using warm oil can have extra benefits to your scalp.

Measure Your Extra Inches To Stay Motivated

Now that we’ve established a solid routine, how can we stay consistent and motivated? There are a variety of ways we can hold ourselves accountable throughout our hair growth journey. Measure your growth each month or quarterly using your Length Check T-shirt and keep track of your progress in your journal. Taking before and after pictures serve as visual documentation and can be extremely eye-opening especially if you become demotivated.

Everything becomes easier with accountability 

If you think it’s hard to keep going on your own, try the journey with a friend. Having an accountability partner increases your chances of succeeding by 85%.Our Give $10, Get $10 referral program helps to maintain accountability and push you forward in your BFF hair journey goals.

Lastly, make sure to celebrate your wins, be patient and give yourself grace. The healthiest version of you is on its way. Shop our Hair growth products and achieve thick, long, strong healthy hair.



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  • Sharon Littles

    Just got the bundle pack with out the vitamins. Dr advises against taking any type of vitamins at this time. Getting vitamins through foods. Used for the first time and looking forward to healthier hair and length. This product was recommended by a family member. Thank you!