How to Plan Your Own Girls Trip

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How many times have you seen Girls Trip? Once? Twice? So many times you’ve lost count? It’s always a good time watching the antics of those four lifelong friends, but it’s even more fun to experience a girls trip of your own. With summer just around the corner, now is the time to start planning. We’re sharing our secrets for a successful girls trip.



Gather your girls

The key component of any girls trip? Your girls! Start a group message with your favorite ladies to see who’s in. Before you send out that text, take a second to think about personalities. You want a balanced group, just like the women of Girls Trip, to make the trip all that it should be. ‘



Decide on your vibe

Not every girls trip has to be a trip to Essence Fest. You can also opt for a spa getaway, an exotic beach vacation, an outdoor adventure, a sightseeing road trip, a music festival, and more. The group can decide on a vibe together, or you can present the trip vibe as you’re inviting friends to join you. It’s your choice.



Get detail oriented

You may not be the planner in the group, and that’s okay. Set a budget of what everyone feels comfortable spending for the the trip. Then designate one person to handle the logistics and communicate them out to the group. No need to plan down to the minute--unless that’s your group’s style. Focus on finding lodging and pre-booking any activities that you know you want to do.


Plan your looks

One of the best parts of a girls trip is looking good with your friends. Start thinking about your hair and your outfits ahead of time. A beach trip is the perfect time to try out a protective style, and you might want to really show out for a music festival like AfroPunk. Get a head start on your looks by using our Hair Growth Starter Bundle to make sure your hair, skin, and nails will be at their best for your trip.




No trip will go 100% as planned. Enjoy the quality time with your ladies, and don’t sweat the small stuff. Take lots of photos. Make lots of memories. You may even start plotting out your next girls trip.

Are you going on your own girls trip this summer? Have you had a successful girls trip in the past? Share your tips in the comments!


Written By Taylor Morrison


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