Hair Accessories Secretly Causing Breakage!

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You’ve found the wash day routine that works for you. You’re taking your Hair Growth Vitamins an religiously applying the Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir. You’re seeing growth, but there is absolutely no length retention. You’re feeling frustrated and a little lost. It’s not a fun place to be.

But what if I told you that the lack of length retention wasn’t your fault? There are items lurking in your everyday life that are quietly causing damage and breakage, undermining your hair growth in the process. Let’s shed some light on those items, and how to replace them, so that you can hit your hair length goals.





You spend one third of your life sleeping. It makes sense that your hair length would be so affected by what you sleep on. That cotton pillow case of yours may perfectly match your bedspread, but it may also be causing split ends and breakage. Replace your pillowcase with one of our silk pillowcases. Your hair and skin will reap the benefits, which include moisture retention, reduced appearance of wrinkles, and less split ends. And if you really want your bed to match while you’re not in it, simply take the silk pillowcase off during the day and put it back on just before bed.






Hats are wonderful ways to complete an outfit or to protect skin from sun damage. They can also do their own damage to your hair. Pay attention to what your hat is made of. Wool is especially rough on hair, but synthetic fibers can cause breakage, too. Whenever possible, have a silk or satin liner sewn into your hat. And try not to wear a hat every day, if the weather will allow it. Your hair will be happier for it, and your hat will remain a statement piece.






Like hats, coats are often the source of secret breakage. Thankfully, the solutions are simple. Buy a silk scarf to wear around your collar. This will reduce the friction between your hair and the coat. It adds impact to your outfit and could potentially add inches of retention to your hair.  If you’ve lined your hat, you can also tuck your hair into your hat to avoid any contact with the coat.



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You know that tying your hair up at night will help your hairstyle last longer, but it won’t help you retain length unless it’s done right. Upgrade to a silk scarf or bonnet. As you toss and turn, your hair will glide along something smooth instead of a rougher cotton alternative. Your hair and your hairstyle will both look better in the long run.

Did you find the culprit causing your hair breakage? Is there another breakage-causing product you want to warn others about? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Authored By: Taylor Morrison


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