How to Protect Fragile Edges

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How to Protect Fragile Edges

Your edges can make or break an entire look. You can have the thickest, most eye-turning tresses in the world, but if your edges are breaking off or looking scarce, you’ll find yourself feeling self conscious about pulling your hair back. Your edges are delicate creatures, and not protecting them can make or break even the most flawless hairstyle. What can you do to protect your prized possessions? Take a look at the top 5 ways tips for protecting your fragile edges.

Edge Protection Tip #1: Don’t wear your hair in tight ponytails.

The biggest culprit of weak edges, particularly for people with natural hair, is the tight ponytails and puffs. Sure, that slick look is cute and all, but putting that much tension on your edges has the potential to cause breakage. Even if the edges don’t break off right away, you will definitely notice the thinning. I speak from experience. Limit your tight ponytails and puffs if you want to protect your edges.

Edge Protection Tip #2: Wear your braids and twists looser around the crown and nape.

Anytime you go to get box braids, faux locs, and even sew-ins, there is a tendency for the stylist to make the edges tight in order to create that neat, crisp look. Here’s the problem: in an effort to look snatched, you’re inadvertently putting tension onto your edges in order to get a certain look. Ladies, you don’t have to have your brains showing in order for your hair to look neat and fresh. Ask your stylist to loosen the grip around the crown and nape of your hair so that your edges can still be there when you take your hair down. 

Edge Protection Tip #3: Massage your edges every night before bed.

This tip is more of a maintenance than a prevention, but it deserves a spot on the list because it can correct a problem before you even notice it happening. Giving yourself regular scalp massages helps to circulate the blood around your hair follicles which aids in growth. With that being said, massaging your edges every night will keep the blood flowing and the hair growing--even if you’re not treating your edges with as much TLC as you should be with your hair styling. 

Edge Protection Tip #4: Wear a scarf.

Scarves are not to be confused with hats or headbands which have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to accomplish with protecting your edges. Wearing silk or satin scarves when you go to sleep at night will protect your edges from the rough cotton on your pillowcase and blanket. Yes, your bedding could be the cause of your edges thinning out. Just slap that scarf on before bed and your edges will be safe and sound.

Edge Protection Tip #5: Beware of product buildup.

Product buildup is another major culprit of thin edges. What tends to happen is that we put so much product on our edges to lay them down that we end up putting way too much. Most people, including myself, do not wash their hair every day, so that product just stays on your hair and gets gunky. After awhile, the gunk causes your hair to weaken, which causes breakage. The breakage occurs most often guessed it: your edges. The best way to combat this is by limiting the amount of product that you put on your edges. 


If you find your edges looking like they need some love, definitely try out the Shedavi hair growth oil. Not only will it keep your edges nourished, it will also help them to grow back!

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