Making Wash Day Fun for Kids

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When I think of my hair as a child, memories of the click-clacking sound of my barrettes come to mind. I think of the firm tug of the detangling comb and me putting on a brave face so that I wouldn’t be called tender-headed. I think of the bright yellow watering can that my aunt would use to rinse out my hair when I visited her house. That little piece of whimsy turned the ordinary experience of getting my hair washed into an adventure. What if, instead of seeing wash day as something to get over with, we approached it as a recurring opportunity to create memories with our little ones? Here are ideas for making wash day a fun experience for kids.


Create a routine

One of the easiest ways to make wash day fun for kids is to create an exciting routine. Is there a song you can play or sing together while you’re rinsing shampoo out of their hair? Is there a game you can play to pass the time while the deep conditioner works its magic? Think of enjoyable, repeatable touch points throughout the wash day that your child can look forward to each week.

Involve them in the process

Give your child ownership over parts of the wash day in an age appropriate way. That could look like choosing between hairstyles, picking the color of the barrettes, or helping to detangle a section of hair. Kids like to feel like they’re contributing, and that sense of involvement will help them push through the less fun parts of wash day.

Use kid-friendly products

Having kid-friendly products goes beyond having good smelling products with fun names, it’s about making sure the ingredients are good for them as well. Shedavi’s products are silicone, sulfate, mineral oil, gluten, petrolatum and paraben free and jam packed with natural ingredients that will work wonders on your little one’s hair. Our products do the heavy-lifting so that you can focus on your kiddo.

Tie in a treat

Wash day becomes a whole lot more fun when there’s a treat involved! Consider letting your child watch their favorite TV show or movie while you do their hair. Or maybe afterwards they get a sweet treat or extra Xbox time. You know what gets your child excited. Find a way to bring that into the wash day experience so that everyone has a more enjoyable time.

What does wash day look like in your home? Share your best tips for making wash day a blast in the comments below.

Written by Taylor Morrison


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