How to Teach Your Kids to Love Their Hair

Ever had one of your children use a phrase that they should have no idea exists, let alone know how to use? Then you know that kids are observant. They’re little social scientists, constantly gathering information, testing hypotheses, and forming new beliefs. One of our roles as parents it to ensure that our kids develop positive beliefs about their identities, and society isn’t always supportive of that task--especially when it comes to hair. Books, movies, and TV shows highlight certain types of hair as beautiful while ignoring others. Our own relatives might even make offhand remarks that cause damage for years to come. At Shedavi, we want all kids to love their hair. Here are our tips for making that happen.


Connect to the past

One way to help little ones love their own hair is to show them where it came from. Share pictures of family members and stories about how they cared for their tresses. Let your child know that they get their full afro from their grandpa or their curly mane from their mama.These little actions help kids view their hair as a beautiful gift, passed down from their family.

Take care

Get your children involved in taking care of their hair as a means to building appreciation. Something as simple as putting your kiddo in charge of massaging their scalp with our Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir instills a healthy sense of pride about their hair.


Representation matters

Seek out books, movies, and TV shows that feature characters your children can relate to. Then reinforce that representation through conversation. Offer to style your daughter’s hair like Doc McStuffins or Nella the Princess Knight. Get your little ones singing and dancing to Sesame Street’s I Love My Hair video. Normalize their hair through the media you allow them to view.

Style positively

Always paint styling your child’s hair in a positive light. Depending on age, try to involve them in picking out their style. Avoid complaining about the color, texture, or thickness of your little one’s hair. Instead, remind them about how wonderfully versatile their hair is. Need more advice? Check out our article on making wash day fun for kids.

These simple actions snowball over time, ultimately setting up your children to have a positive sense of self--including their incredible heads of hair. It’s your turn to share. Do your kids love their hair? Is it something you’re still working on? Share your own journey and advice in the comments.

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