Secrets to a Perfectly Slick Bun

Sometimes you just want to put your hair up once and be done for the week. A slicked back bun is a classic style that does exactly that. It’s a relatively easy style, but it’s not always easy to keep it looking good. This step-by-step guide will show you how to get that timeless look and make it last.

Step 1. Start with clean hair

You’ll want to start with a clean slate because this style requires a fair amount of product. Complete your wash day using Shedavi's Crowned Moisturizing Conditioner. (If you’re not sure if your wash day is all that it could be, you might want to check out this post.)

Step 2. Add extra moisture

Use this style as an opportunity to give your hair a moisture boost. Try our extra-moisturizing conditioner, our leave-in conditioner, or both!

Step 3. Detangle

Getting a comb through your hair should be as easy as cutting a knife through warm butter. Take the extra time needed to detangle your hair so that you can lay it down with no problems.

Step 3. Stretch it out

You can skip this step if your hair is relaxed. If it’s natural, use your preferred method of stretching it out. You can steam it, blow dry it, pull it back in braids, flat iron itwhatever you like.

Step 4. Comb it through

Give your hair one last comb through before you start the rest of the styling.

Step 5. Section your hair

A slicked back bun requires a different part than you might be used to. Instead of going down the middle, you’ll create a circular section of the hair at the crown of your head and comb the hair around the edges down.

Step 6. Pull up your crown

Start your bun by pulling the hair at the crown of your head into a mini top bun. Use some gel and edge control to get your bun off to a smooth start.

Step 7. Complete the bun

Comb the rest of your hair up. Then grab a brush and use gel to slick your hair back. Don’t be afraid to use a good amount of gel. This is what keeps your bun together. Once it’s all slicked back, you can bring the hair to meet the rest of your bun and secure it with a hair tie.

Step 8. Lay it down

Time to give your edges some love. Get out your edge control and lay them down.

Step 9. Tie it up

Complete the slicked back look by tying down your hair with a silk or satin scarf. Remember to repeat this step every night you have your bun in to keep it looking as good as it did on day one.

And there you have it, our guide to a perfectly slicked back bun. What tips would you add? Share them below!


Written By Taylor Morrison 

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  • La Cresa Peters On

    This is a beautiful and simple no hassle style indeed! But, how do I implement this if I need to put your oil on my scalp daily? This is what I have been confused about. Sorry I didn’t contact you all sooner. I tried redoing it every night, and quickly got worn out! Lol! Help, please!

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