New Year - New Habits for Healthier Hair

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New Year - New Habits for Healthier Hair

Welcome to 2019! We’re leaving behind split ends, heat damage, and products that don’t work for us. A new year means new habits for healthier hair. Check out our tips, and choose which habit to add to your list of resolutions.

Upgrade your products

Start your year by looking through all of your hair products. Go through your drawers, your cabinets, and that stash under your bed that you almost forgot about. Get rid of any product that you haven’t used for more than three months or doesn’t work for your hair type. Don’t worry about how much you spent on the products. If a product isn’t serving you, it’s gotta go! Make space for products that bring out the best in your hair. Shedavi products won’t disappoint.




Trim regularly

If you want your hair to grow, you need to make regular trims a priority. Those tiny trims will make a huge impact in your length retention. If trimming your hair feels like too big a commitment, start with regular check ins. Once you’re seeing split ends for yourself, it will be hard to resist trimming your hair. Our length check shirt is an easy way to track your progress.

Start scheduling

Getting on a hair care schedule will do wonders for your hair’s health. Build daily rituals, like scalp massages with our Hair + Scalp Growth Elixir. Block out time each week for your wash day and style maintenance. And be sure to schedule time for deep conditioning at least once a month. We recommend our Crowned Protein Masque.




Be honest with yourself. If you’re not going to invest the time it takes to really care for your hair, you’re not going to reach your growth goals. Make room in your budget for regular trips to your hairstylist for protective styles, trims, and treatments. You can always get creative if money’s a little tight. Do a hair care exchange with a friend. Save your coins and get extra quality time with a girlfriend as you pamper each other.




Level up

Make 2019 the year you get rid of the daily products that damage your hair. Swap out traditional towels, pillowcases, headbands, and hats for hair-friendly alternatives made with cotton, satin, and silk. One quick shopping trip could make your 2019 goals that much easier to achieve.

What are your hair growth goals for 2019, and what are the new habits you’ll put in place to achieve them? Share them with us using #shedavi. Cheers to 2019!

Authored by: Taylor Morrison

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  • Brenda Stephens

    My hair care needs for 2019 are to have healthier, shiny, beautiful hair. I also want thicker, longer hair also. The length really doesn’t matter, but I do want my hair to be thicker. Thanks for my starter package of the elixir and vitamins. I have really seen a change in my hair. I’m getting ready to order my next bundle. Haven’t really seen any growth, and that’s fine, it has really stopped my hair from shedding.

  • Maria

    Love your products. It’s just I cant buy it now cause I’m working with no paid. The president have us in a lock down. I’m pretty sure you listen to the news. Once I get myself together I will buy your products.

  • Tina White

    I’m excited about starting this new product on my hair. This is my new change for the year 2019 to wear my hair straight again. I’ve been natural for 13 years. I had to cut a lot off of my hair but I’m glad I did because I want healthy strong beautiful hair. My products come in on Thursday and I will start them on Friday I’m very excited to see the results. Thank you