Protein isn't Just for the Gym! It's for Hair Growth Too!

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Protein isn't Just for the Gym! It's for Hair Growth Too!

Protein continues to be at the top of the health and wellness markets and it is not a secret that protein is one of the essential nutrients for building and maintaining healthy muscle growth.  Aside from having a solid workout routine and maintaining a great level of consistency in the gym, protein is the reason your muscles are strong and look good. Little do people know it is equally essential for hair growth too!

Be it muscle or hair growth, without enough protein, you’re not going to see the results you’re looking for. Along with working out, you need to incorporate the right amount of protein your body needs into diet or your workouts are going to waste. Same goes for your hair, without enough protein, strands will be weak, limp, and prone to breakage, making your hair growth efforts not-so-effective. So why not give your hair what it needs too? Let us help you create a hair-growth-protein-routine so effective that you achieve maximum growth in no time!


Does Protein Help Hair Growth?


While you’re whipping up a protein shake for your next workout, try incorporating Shedavi’s Hair Growth Vitamin for a boost towards hair growth. Adding the vitamin to your shake is a great way to make sure your hair is getting the essential nutrients it needs daily.


Your hair has its way of letting you know when it desperately needs some protein. If you’ve dyed your hair in the past or too often, it can put holes in the hair's cuticle layer, damaging your hair and leaving it crunchy, limp, and lifeless. If you’re experiencing dry and brittle hair, this is also a sign that your hair structure needs strengthening & moisture.

Adding protein to your hair regimen is one of the key elements to restoring the keratin fibers, strengthening strands, and improving length retention. Keeping the length you have is essential to growing strong, healthy, and long hair. There are a few ways you can include protein into your regimen; keep reading to learn more about how protein helps your hair grow.

An Easy Source of Protein for Hair Growth


Elizabeth Davis, our founder, realized the need of upgrading the usual hair masks with more protein to support length retention as well as boost moisture levels. She developed the Crowned Collection Protein Masque to give women, especially curly girls, the deep conditioning, increased manageability, and nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy hair.


A Protein Treatment for Hair Growth That's Vegan!

Shedavi’s Crowned Collection Protein Masque has been a breakage and hair moisturizing lifesaver to thousands of women for the past few years. Designed to improve moisture and protein balance using seven amino acid proteins that work together to fill in holes and other damaged areas along the shaft resulting in stronger, longer, smoother, and shinier hair.


The best way to reap the benefits of this wonder in a jar is to deep condition! A method in which you apply a restorative treatment to your hair while using steam or heat to help the treatment penetrate the shafts of the hair. Infused with vegan botanicals, vitamins, agave nectar, and hibiscus - this masque is a proven way to lock-in moisture, restore hair, and improve length retention. 





So now that we know how to treat our hair with the protein it needs on the outside, let’s focus on incorporating protein rich foods into your diet to further boost the health of your body and most importantly your hair growth!

Protein Rich Foods that Help in Hair Growth

Whether you’re vegan or flexitarian, there’s plenty of protein to go around!

Protein can be found in legumes like lentils or chickpeas and whole grains like quinoa. These delicious vegan options can be part of amazing meals supporting your growth inside and outside of the gym.


Salmon and chicken are also great options that are jam-packed with protein which can be prepared in a variety of ways so you don’t ever get bored! Another natural source of protein are almonds. It can be eaten or found in Shedavi hair growth products like our Hair & Scalp Growth Elixir, a hair growth oil that includes over 20 essential oils from around the world.


Elizabeth Enjoying Her Matcha With Our Vitamin

DIY Protein Hair Masque

There are many different DIY treatments you can conjure up. Don’t worry, we’ve done the work and would only recommend the best of the best. This DIY Coconut Oil + Honey Hair Mask is the best for damaged hair. Coconut oil continues to be a curl community fave and is the holy grail for hair, skin, and beauty routines. Some benefits include stimulating hair growth, preventing hair breakage, and conditioning your hair.

Honey is a humectant & emollient, a natural ingredient that can attract moisture to your hair and lock it in to avoid moisture loss. It also contains keratin, a protective protein responsible for the healing and strengthening of your hair.

All you need is 1 Tablespoon of Honey and 1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil.

How to Apply Your Coconut Oil + Honey Hair Mask:

  1. Combine ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly
  2. Transfer mix into a small pot
  3. Heat on low until completely melted
  4. Allow  mixture to cool enough to apply without burning your hands
  5. Apply to your hair from top to bottom, with no strands left behind
  6. Cover with a shower cap and let it sit for 15-20 minutes
  7. Rinse out as normal. We suggest doing so with a Cleansing Co-wash or Cleansing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner


If you want to keep things simple because you’re not a DIY kind of girl, you can grab the Shedavi Crowned Collection Protein Masque and be on the road to a protein-rich life in and out of the gym.

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