The Super Powers of Superfoods: How Plant Based Products are Essential for Haircare

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The Super Powers of Superfoods: How Plant Based Products are Essential for Haircare



We bet you didn’t even know that was a thing! We’re so happy it is because now is our chance to show you the magic behind some superfoods and herbs from around the world. 

This blog is all about encouraging you to incorporate more plant-based foods and products into your lifestyle because the benefits can go a long way. It’s no secret that Shedavi takes pride in providing you with all the amazing benefits nature has to offer. Did you know we include over 20 plants, herbs and oils sourced from around the world in our products? These well-researched, exotic ingredients hold the plant powers necessary to give you the growth and health your hair and body needs.

We all know by now that incorporating plant-based foods & products can lower rates of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers. It is also good for the environment because the production of plant based ingredients reduces greenhouse gasses contributing to the climate crisis.  All products you use have an impact on your overall health & the health of the planet. This is why Shedavi remains dedicated to being powered by nature so that you can look good and feel good too.



Here are 7 natural ingredients & superfoods that are nothing less than miraculous for hair & overall health. The best part? You can find all of these in Shedavi products!


Benefits: High in antioxidants that reduce signs of premature aging. Softens hair and increases manageability. Promotes reduction of breakage due to dryness and increases elasticity
Can be found in: 
Historic Ingredient Origin: China
Traditional Uses: Dietary Supplement



Benefits: Reduces frizz, strengthens hair, prevents split ends, and breakage. All of which aid in length retention.

Can be found in:
Historic Ingredient Origin: Central Asia (Modern day Iran & Afghanistan)
Traditional Uses: Medicine & Cooking



Benefits: Bamboo is a highly renewable resource so it’s great for the environment. It is one of the oldest grasses in the world and its origin predates human history.  It has 70% all natural silica concentration; that’s 10 times the amount of silica in herbs like horsetail extract. Silica promotes collagen formation in the skin and strong hair.

Can be found in: 
Historic Ingredient Origin: Tropical, Subtropical, and Temperate climates
Traditional Uses: Building and Food



Benefits: An extract rich in squalene and non-saturated fatty acids. It rebuilds hair erosion, replenishes gaps of lost lipids and restores inner structure.

Can be found in:
Historic Ingredient Origin: Southern Asia
Traditional Uses: Ayurveda 



Benefits: Rich medicinal properties and filled with antioxidants and vitamins A, C and E; smooths, hydrates and nourishes to bring a renewed vibrancy to damaged and lackluster hair.

Can be found in:
Historic Ingredient Origin: Native to Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula
Traditional Uses: Ancient Medicines around the world 



Benefits: high omega-3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, baobab oil may help moisturize dry hair and strengthen weak, brittle hair. Also helps with smoothing, building collagen, and overall scalp health. Humecant, Vitamin F, ceramides. Commonly referred to as the tree of life.
Can be found in:
Historic Ingredient Origin: Africa & Australia
Traditional Uses: Traditional African Medicine




Benefits: Cotton is a natural plant used as far back as prehistoric times for clothing. This fiber is lightweight, breathable, and absorbent. It is easily accessible, low maintenance, recyclable, and naturally hypoallergenic

Can be found in:
Historic Ingredient Origin: Native to most subtropical parts of the world
Traditional Uses: Fabric weaving


We believe that nature is healing, and so, we make sure our products are enriched with only the purest nature has to offer. When it comes to hair growth and your health, we got you! Happy Plant-Powered Day again! 

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