Fight Back Against Winter Dryness

In this joy-filled season of winter, a sinister villain is lurking. And that villain is not the Grinch. It’s winter dryness. If you feel your scalp getting flakier and your ends looking duller, it’s not just you. Winter dryness wants to steal all of our glow ups, but we’ve got tips to help you fight back.

Crown yourself

We’re a little biased, but our Crowned Collection is one of your best defenses against winter dryness. The collection is infused with vegan botanicals, B-vitamins, agave nectar and hibiscus for thickness, growth, strength, moisture and length retention. Whether you want to do a winter wash and go, want a deep condition, or just need to cleanse and moisturize, the Crowned Collection will give winter dryness a run for its money.

Say hello to hydration

You might not want a cold glass of water in the middle of the winter, but it’s still important to stay hydrated. Coffee, tea, and even a hot cup of lemon water are all ways to combat winter dryness while staying warm. It’s tempting to get lax on your drinking habits, but it’s so necessary to give your hair the hydration it’s craving.


Cover up

Don’t let the elements steal your moisture. Cover up when you’re out and about. It’s important to get a satin or silk lined hat otherwise you might be doing more harm than good. A lined hat packs a double punch by protecting against breakage and winter dryness.

Turn up the humidity

Winter will do its best to dry out everything, including the air in your home. And if there’s less moisture in the air, there’s definitely less moisture in your hair. Invest in a humidifier to pump moisture back into the air. Keep it running overnight to keep winter dryness at bay.

Treat yourself

Regular hair treatments will make be the difference between dry strands or hair that turns heads. Mix up a DIY deep conditioner, use our Protein Masque  or get a treatment at your salon. What matters is that you give your hair a boost to give winter dryness the boot.

We want you to win the fight against winter dryness. We’ve shared our tips. Now you can share yours in the comments below. Show off your wow-worthy winter looks made possible by Shedavi on Instagram. Tag us and use #shedavi for a chance to be featured.

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  • Janice Johnson On

    My hair really start growing and the thin spot start to grow back and get thick

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