Spring Forward: How to Adjust Your Hair Regimen Now that Winter is Over

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Spring Forward: How to Adjust Your Hair Regimen Now that Winter is Over

Spring is hair! Lol. Aren’t you excited? Being a Winnipeg-er I know not to get excited about spring until early May and even then, I know that snow is by no means out of the question. However, for the most part, it’ll warm up significantly and the winter coat can go back into storage. This also means more opportunity for the tresses to come out and play while that awful winter hat goes back into storage. Hallelujah! As temperatures start to climb, cute spring dresses re-emerge along with pale legs that haven’t seen the sun and/or a razor in months, it’s a good idea to evaluate your hair regimen to ensure that you continue to give your hair everything it needs to be healthy and thrive. Here are some tips to ensure your hair’s smooth transition into a new season and remember, any day or any season is a good time to begin taking Shedavi’s hair vitamins to supplement your hair care regimen.


1.Use lighter oils

It may be a bit soon for the really light oils such as Argan oil or grapeseed oil alone, but it is definitely time to put away the heavy oils (for example castor oil) and butters. If you absolutely can’t live without your castor oil, though, it’s always an option to mix heavy oils with lighter ones. In so doing, you get the benefits of your favorite oil at a lighter consistency. Using lighter oils reduces the likelihood of your hair becoming weighed down, especially if your hair is thin and your strands are fine.

Personally, I live and die for castor oil and my hair is dense enough to manage the weight of it, but heavier oils can be too much for certain hair types in certain temperatures. While heavier oils help to seal moisture into the hair and slow down moisture loss to dry winter air, they are less necessary once temperatures climb and the air becomes a bit more humid. Listen to your hair and adjust if necessary. Olive oil and coconut oil are medium weight oils that will likely be great for use in spring. Even better is fact that Shedavi’s Hair and Scalp Growth Elixir contains all these oils and more, thereby providing the multiple benefits. It’s lightweight consistency makes it perfect for all hair types and an excellent choice for warmer seasons.


2.Use lighter moisturizers and leave-ins

Whereas heavy, creamy formulations are great for use during winter and more watery mixes are recommended for summer, the perfect blend for spring is somewhere in between. Look for more lotion like consistencies, but don’t go too runny, especially if you’ll be wearing your hair out in twist-outs and braid-outs a lot. You’ll notice that the trend here is to move towards lighter products. In much the same way you are shedding the additional protection and layers of clothing that are essential in the winter time, you are also removing the excess layers from your hair strands because they are simply no longer necessary.


3.Don’t change your regimen, change your products

If your regimen has been working, do not change it. For example, if you shampoo and deep condition weekly and follow the LCO method for moisturizing your hair then continue to stick with that. Just substitute products (oils, moisturizers, etc.) that are a little lighter than the ones you’ve been using. On the flip side, your hair may just start freaking out on you and your tried and true practices could stop working. In cases like this, try to figure out the cause or causes and make one or two changes at a time. This makes it easier to isolate the problem and correct it. If you make too many changes at once, it can make it difficult to identify what works and what doesn’t.


4.Let your hair down


I mean this both literally and figuratively. Winter can be such a dull season. Trapped inside for long periods, shorter days and less sunshine. It can take a little bit of the fun out of the day-to-day. Spring is a time to reclaim that. Start working on perfecting your flexi-rod technique, keep that promise you made to learn how to flat twist. Experiment with your hair, have fun with your hair and give it the opportunity to breathe.



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  • Deborah A Russell

    Since using the oil and the vitiamins. I have notice a big difference in my hair. My hair is growing and not as thin as it use to be. My hair is alot healthier. I have been using this program for 4 months. It really works. I like the fact that alot of people has noticed the difference. I will continue to use this. I really love my hair.