The Best Curly Hair Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Game

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The Best Curly Hair Tips and Tricks That Will Change the Game

"Your hair is so beautiful. I want curly hair too!" How many times have you heard sentences like this? Countless isn't it? But only you know that having a good curly hair day is so much more challenging than it looks. Curly hair is unpredictable and difficult to control, it’s inherently dry, often coarse, and prone to frizz. 

However, don’t be discouraged, there is a difference between fighting with your curls and loving your curls, and it lies in a proper hair care routine. Choosing the right hair care routine will grant  you a halo of soft, healthy curls that you’ll love, trust us.

So, whether you are new or have been on a journey of embracing your natural curls for a long time, we’ve prepared our favorite curly hair tips and tricks just for you. Want to know more? - Keep reading.

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Proper Hair Washing Routine

Like everything else, washing your curly hair isn’t one-size-fits-all, but everyone agrees on one thing, the frequency of hair washing depends on the type of hair. Namely, curly girls with thinner hair may want to wash their hair more often, because their hair can become greasy and weighed down after a few days, while girls with thicker hair can usually last a few more days. 

These Are Our Tips for Washing Curly Hair

Deep condition first. Before you jump in the shower, coat your curls with a nourishing conditioner. Be patient and let it work its magic 20-30 minutes before the next step.

Shampooing. This is one of the most important hair care steps. Choosing the ideal shampoo for your hair type is important for keeping those curls as healthy as possible. One of them is definitely Shedavi Moisturizing Shampoo, designed for deep but gentle cleansing and rehydration of hair and scalp. Remember, shampooing every day isn’t a good idea because it can strip the hair of its much-needed natural oils.

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Condition. Although you’ve already taken this step, keep in mind that the shampoo can strip your hair’s natural oils. Therefore, it’s necessary to restore the lost moisture to keep your curls soft, shiny and manageable. Choose a lighter conditioner that will soften, hydrate and add shine to your hair without weighing it down. You can try applying Shedavi CROWNED Moisturizing Conditioner on wet hair. (Let us know your impressions.) After rinsing, you can even add a leave-in conditioner to your routine, to improve elasticity and increase hair manageability. This may help strengthen damaged hair strands and make your hair easier to style in the morning.

Finally, wrap (or plop) your hair into an old t-shirt or microfiber towel until the hair is no longer soaking wet, it will take about 20 min. You can then let your hair down and allow it to air dry for a few hours. And that would be the recipe for the springiest, bounciest, shiniest curls ever.

Dry Your Hair With Care

Most hairdressers recommend letting your curly hair air dry, as blow dryers can make it frizzy or in the worst case, can damage it. However, life doesn’t always go exactly as we planned. Sometimes you just won’t have enough time to let your hair air dry. Therefore, a diffuser comes to our aid, a blow dryer attachment that softens the release of air while drying to prevent frizz. In addition, it even helps out your curl pattern and boosts the volume of heavy curls, giving more body to your hair.

*P. S. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant if you plan to expose your hair. It will protect your delicate curls from damage.

The Correct Way of Brushing & Combing Your Hair

Although it sometimes seems like an impossible mission, it’s indeed possible to comb curly hair. The correct way to brush curly hair is to section in the hair for control using a detangling brush. Start by detangling your hair from the bottom up to gently untangle each knot. Also, use a wide tooth comb as it will do less damage to the natural curling pattern as opposed to a classic hair brush.

Use a Curling Iron For Touch-Ups

There’s nothing worse than watching your perfectly defined curls go down the drain after you wake up in the morning. So don’t be ashamed to use curling irons. Curling already-curled hair can give you added volume and help define your curl pattern.

* P. S. Pick a curling iron that's about the same diameter as your curls. If you have short or medium-length hair, opt for a barrel that's 1 "in diameter. If you have long hair or want looser curls, go for a 1 ¼" barrel. (this could be harmful if the person has excessive product in their curls from the initial styling session, we may need to consider removing)

Get Regular Trims To Avoid Split Ends

Let’s face it; we all suffer from split ends, regardless of the type of our curls. The world's most famous hairdressers recommend regular trims as the best prevention for split ends. Try to make an appointment at your favorite hair salon every six to eight weeks regardless of the length of your hair to keep your ends as healthy as possible. Remember, the longer you wait - the shorter the hair.

Night Regime

To keep hair looking even more pristine between wash days, use a satin pillowcase when sleeping or tie your hair in a pineapple. “Pineappleing” is a technique in which the hair is slightly gathered at the highest point of the head. This method protects your curl pattern and helps your hair retain its natural volume while preventing excessive bedhead. In addition, try using silk pillows that will smooth out the curls instead of agitating them like cotton. Your proper night regimen will allow your hair to look super smooth and hydrated day after day. 

* For an extra dose of hydration, you can spray your hair with a light-weight mist that adds moisture back to dry hair without disturbing the style pattern.

The Easiest Way to Keep Your Hair Naturally Curly

  • You can skip the conditioner from time to time to keep the curls intact
  • Try using curling creams to define curls
  • Avoid too heavy hair styling products
  • Hair sprays and styling creams can also keep curls in place

What Not to Do if You Have Curly Hair

  • Using clarifying shampoo more than once a week
  • Using products containing sulfates, alcohol, harsh chemicals, and fragrances
  • Rinsing with hot water in the shower
  • Trying to detangle dry hair
  • Using fine-toothed combs

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In conclusion

Gentle hair care, limited heat styling and all the above tips are all it takes to keep your tight coils or looser waves exactly the way you want them. It may not always be easy, but remember - you are gifted with something that many dream of. Enjoy your uniqueness! Don’t forget to tell us if you have your own tips and tricks for curly hair care.

Finally, have you already chosen your favorite SHEDAVI styling products? We expect you in the comments.
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