This Not That: Avoid Breakage with These Alternative Hair Accessories

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This Not That: Avoid Breakage with These Alternative Hair Accessories

You’re using Shedavi products regularly. You’re eating right and minimizing your use of heat on your hair. It seems like you’re following all the rules, but your hair still isn’t growing the way you want to. We know the feeling of falling short on your hair growth goals, and we’re here to help. Your favorite hair accessories might be sneakily causing breakage. We’ve rounded up some alternatives that won’t break your hair or the bank.


Some days taking the extra time to lay down your edges just isn’t feasible, and all you want to do is throw on a headband. If that headband isn’t silk or satin lined, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Upgrade your plastic and cloth headbands to avoid breakage around your edges.

Hair ties

If you hit the gym a lot or just don’t like having your hair in your face, you probably use hair ties pretty often. The wrong hair tie does a world of damage. The constant friction can create visible breakage around the area where the ponytail is tied. Fight back by wearing a looser ponytail. You probably don’t need to double or triple up your hair tie, even if it feels more secure. Then replace your regular hair ties with softer scrunchies or with hair ribbons. There are so many cute colors and patterns. Treat yourself to a few options to match your mood.




Whether you’re protecting your skin from the sun, are trying to stay warm, or simply want to cover up a bad hair day, it’s easy to reach for a hat. Unfortunately, hats can wreak havoc on your hair. Avoid wearing straw or wool hats without first adding a liner. The good news is that there is an abundance of lined hats--from baseball hats to stylish beanies--that come pre-lined. Keep an eye out, and you can probably take advantage of a sale.

Bobby pins

Bobby pins keep your hair together, but, if a bobby pin is too old, it might be pulling your hair apart. Audit your bobby pins to make sure that they’ve still got their protective coating and end caps. Any bobby pin that looks faded or doesn’t have the plastic ball at the end needs to be thrown away. Try to invest in new bobby pins a couple of times a year to avoid doing unnecessary damage.

These simple tweaks will help you avoid breakage. Keep up with your daily dose of Hair Growth vitamins and your Shedavi regimen, and watch the growth continue. Share your favorite alternative hair accessories with us using #shedavi for a chance to be featured.

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