Treat Yourself Without Getting Off Track

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Treat Yourself Without Getting Off Track

You work hard. You’re balancing roles like employee and side hustler and partner and mentor and mom and friend. Maybe you’re a regular at the gym. Maybe you’re a regular at your local soup kitchen. Your to do list may look different than mine, but one thing is clear: we all deserve to treat ourselves. The treats we traditionally choose can often set us back from our hair goals--too much sugar, fried foods, or alcohol won’t be doing your hair, or skin, any favors.  So we gathered ways to treat yourself that won’t compromise your hair growth journey.


Choose your own adventure

Does skydiving appeal to you? Have you always wanted to run a race or do a challenging hike? An adventure might be just the treat you need. You can stay close to home if you like. Most cities have hikes within an hours drive and indoor skydiving facilities are popping up across the country. You could also make a trip of it. Run a 10k in Paris or hike the steps of Machu Picchu. Depending on your adventure, a protective style may be necessary to avoid breakage or potential damage.


Spa treatment

A trip to the spa is the kind of indulgence that your hair and skin will appreciate. Choose a treatment that fits your needs. Maybe a scalp massage and deep conditioning is what you need to celebrate your hard work. You could opt for a massage to work through the tensions that build up over time. Consider a facial to enhance the glow that our Hair Growth Vitamins already cultivate.

Outsource something

Sometimes the best treat is giving yourself more time. Pay for someone else to do the work that you already do. Hire a person or a service to cook your healthy meals for the week. Let someone else deep clean your house for a day. Then take that extra time and devote it to your passions and the people you love.

Invest in you

Buy something that makes you feel like a better version of yourself. It could be a new handbag, an online course, or a restock of your favorite Shedavi products. Let your purchase be a celebration of your growth.

Treating yourself doesn’t have to come at the cost of your hair goals. In fact, it can even bring you closer towards them. It’s your turn to share. How do you treat yourself?

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