When to Use Protein

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When to Use Protein

You’ve heard of a protein treatment. You know that you have some type of natural protein in your hair. You also know that not having enough can lead to some serious negative side effects...but that’s it. When exactly do you need to use protein? The answer might surprise you.  Keep reading to learn the top 3 reasons that you should use a protein treatment for your hair.



Hair Protein Reason #1: You Dyed It

One of the main reasons that you should use protein is if you just dyed your hair. Because dyeing your hair involves a chemical process, it can alter the texture and feel of your hair. Also, if you dye your hair too much, it can put holes in the hair's cuticle layer, damaging your hair and leaving it crunchy. At minimum, the protein bonds will weaken in each strand, leaving your hair vulnerable. Using the Shedavi Crowned Protein Masque will strengthen your tresses and allow you to color your hair worry-free.



Hair Protein Reason #2: Your Hair Is Damaged

Damaged hair is damaged because the protein bonds are either broken or weak. You’ll know your hair is damaged if your ends look and feel crunchy, and no amount of product can help it look better. Those with high porosity hair will notice that no matter how much moisture they put in their hair, it still feels dry. This is a telltale sign of damaged hair, and a good protein treatment like what you can find in the Shedavi Crowned Protein Masque can help fix the issue in no time. 


Hair Protein Reason #3: Your Hair Doesn’t Have Elasticity

The third and final indicator that you need to use protein is if your hair is lacking in a little something called elasticity. Elasticity refers to your hair’s ability to bounce back in place after it’s been manipulated. Hair that easily goes back to its regular state is a sign of healthy tresses. However, if your hair stays limp or dull when you try to wear it natural after styling, there’s a chance that your elasticity is in trouble and in need of a protein treatment. Again, the Shedavi Crowned protein masque can help bring the elasticity back to your tresses in less than a week.

When are some times that you use protein in your hair? Tell us about it in the comments.

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