Your lace showing sis: how to slay your lacefronts and frontals

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Your lace showing sis: how to slay your lacefronts and frontals

Take a quick scroll throw your IG timeline, and what do you see? Apart from fitness and juicing gurus, I see a lot of sisters out here working their lace front in every color under the sun. and it’s no wonder why their doing it. When you colored to perfection, a good lacefront is not only undetectable, but it blends effortless with the rest of your features. Have you ever wondered what they do to their wig to make them look so flawless? You don’t have to wonder any longer, queen. Take a look below at the top four tips to slay your lace front wigs this summer.


Tip 1: Pay attention to the lace


Contrary to popular belief, all lace is not created equal. In fact, the best wigs come in different colors so that you can get one that better matches your actual scalp. Although there are other ways to get your lacefront wigs to blend nicely, it starts with getting lace that is similar in shade to your natural scalp.


Tip 2: Grab some of your favorite concealer



Regardless of what color lace you get, the chances are slim that it will be exactly the color that you’re looking for. It’s not always the case, but I would say more than likely it will be slightly off (the lace color). What do we as women do when we need to correct a spot quickly? We utilize a concealer. When applying your concealer, you want to put it in two places: under the wig and on top of the wig. When you first get ready to put on your wig, you’re probably going to have a wig cap nearby. On the area of the wig cap that the “scalp’ of your lace front will be visible, add some concealer. Once you put on your wig, you’ll also want to put a little directly on top of the scalp itself. Be careful not to cake too much product on—you don’t want to have to start rearranging your unit on your head throughout the day because it’s itchy


Tip 3:  Bleach it if necessary


I’m sure you’ve heard of the term bleaching knots at some point in your hair research. All lace has tiny knots that are present because of the weaving process involved with adding the strands of hair to the lace. Unless you specifically order a unit with the knots already bleached, then you’re going to see the knots all along the scalp. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the appearance of these knots which involve….bleaching!  Forewarning: if you’ve never bleached knots before, then please enroll yourself in Youtube University to learn how to do it. You do not want to mess up a perfectly good unit because of bleach. Now, note that if you do successfully bleach your knots, you will not need to use concealer.


Tip#4 Pick up the right products and tools.


The last and final tip for slaying your lacefront is to pick up the right products. You will need some type of freeze or extra hold spray if you want for the front of your lace to lay flat. Also, you’ll need either a hard bristle brush or a firm bristle toothbrush to swoop the baby hairs down around your edges. Don’t forget to take care of your real hair with Shedavi products before and after your wig application. Also, if you are looking to grow your hair while wearing wigs as protective style, be sure to use the Shedavi elixir and vitamin for that added growth boost!


What other tips do you have for your fellow ladies who need to slay their wigs this summer? Tell us in the comments!



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    Please make a set with all the products in and post the bundle price!!!!

  • Annette

    To piggyback on all that was posted, unless I missed it reading, ladies we must wash our wigs and with decent products to keep it flowy, smelling good and just clean, our head sweat gets into the wig unit, wash and condition it.