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It’s not just luck: how to get your hair to grow using Shedavi products

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It’s not just luck: how to get your hair to grow using Shedavi products

I know that you get tired of seeing the same thing. These beautiful women have these luxurious tresses and claim that all they did was take this one product or do this one thing to get it like that. It's frustrating right? You can't help but feel like, dang. Maybe they're just luckier than I am. Girl, let me be the one to tell you that it's not just luck. You can grow healthy hair, but it's going to take being a little proactive on your end. Keep reading because I'm about to tell you how to get your hair to grow using Shedavi products.


 Customer Results Using Shedavi Products

First things first, you need to be consistent.

The Shedavi collection has literally everything you need nurture your hair inside and out from your wash days and beyond. All of these items mean absolutely nothing if you're not consistent. The only way that your hair will grow is if you commit to taking care of it on a daily basis.

You know how when you're trying to get your body healthy that people say that you can't out-exercise a bad diet? Well, the same can be said for your tresses as well. You can't just take your vitamins once or only shampoo your hair one time and expect for your hair to grow waist-length overnight. You have to create a hair routine that will become a habit that you incorporate into your everyday activities. So, the first step in making your hair grow is to actually use them on a more consistent.


Customer Results Using Shedavi Products



Second thing is you need to do is get rid of things that you don't need.

Let's go back to the working out analogy for a second. You know how you have to cut back on the sweets, soda, and other foods if you want to get results quickly? Well, the same thing can be said for your tresses, sis. Cleanse your bathroom of anything that contributes to taking your hair out or making it dry. Sprits, black gel, and anything else that doesn’t contribute to your hair health has got to go.  Instead, add products from the Crowned Collection which are full of ingredients that were created with you in mind like the Leave-in Conditioner, Revitalizing Mist, and Styling Wash and Go Gel. Each of these products are made with moisture-rich ingredients that both keep your hair styled and add hydration so that it can grow. If you have a couple of great products, there’s no need to be using 10-12 at a time. Your Shedavi products can give you this level of satisfaction.


Customer Results Using Shedavi Products

The third thing you need to do to make your hair grow with Shedavi products is to use the products correctly.

While this is very similar to being consistent, the truth is that 9 times out of 10 if you're not seeing growth, then you're probably not using the product the way that it was meant to be used. For example, let's say you use your Crowned Shampoo and Conditioner one day, but you never follow up with the Leave-In Conditioner, you never take your vitamins, and your hair has never even seen the Elixir. On top of that, you only wash and condition your hair one day out of the month. If this sounds anything like you, I can just about guarantee that you will not get the result you're looking for. The beauty of the Shedavi Collection is that when you use everything consistently, then you'll start seeing the result fast.


  Customer Results Using Shedavi Products


The fourth and final thing is to make sure you're keeping things up on your end.

It brings us nothing but pure joy to see how well Shedavi products can help make your hair healthier and longer, but you have to be sure to do your part if you truly want to see results. For example, your hair will not grow if you constantly have split ends that keep your hair breaking off. It will not grow if you do not take care of what you put into your body. It will also not grow if you're constantly agitating the hair with dyes or other types of manipulation. When you start using Shedavi products to make your hair grow, be sure that you keep up with your trims, eat right, drink water, and ease up on the amount of manipulation that you use on your tresses.

It's not luck for your hair to grow. It takes consistency, getting rid of old products that don’t work, and using your Shedavi products the right way. Have you tried to consistently use your products to make your hair grow? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


Written by Bianca Scott

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  • Chantra Swinson

    How often should you wash your hair. Also, I know you should take the vitamins and use the elixir everyday. I just want to make sure I do everything right when I receive my products. Is it good not to put weave or anything in your hair while trying to grow your hair

  • Samanthia Biggers Khari

    I have sisterlocks and use the elixir as well. It’s much lighter than using some of the other recommended oils to moisturize my scalp. I love the way it’s light and not heavy on my scalp. However, it’s much better to not wash as much growing locks. Less manipulation the better the results unlike loose naturals.

  • Mary

    Will you do the same thing to your hair (like washing more) if you are growing dreads. I use the elixir and take the capsules as directed.