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Protective Style Spotlight: Passion Twists

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Protective Style Spotlight: Passion Twists

There are several trending hairstyles that are floating around beauty shops nowadays, and one of the favorites is passion twists. Passion twists first came on the scene in September of 2018, and they look like they are here to stay. Let’s take a closer look at some frequently asked questions concerning the style and how you can take a shot at trying them at home.


Why do people like passion twists so much?

Compared to other twist hair styles, passion twists can give a very natural, boho look when done correctly. Just like other braid/twist styles, you can switch up the color, lengths, and even density of your passion twists in order to give different types of looks.

Will wearing passion twists make my hair grow?
The quick answer is yes, wearing passion twists can make your hair grow. The longer answer is that it makes your hair grow because of other reasons besides just having them in your head. For one, passion twists are a protective style. As you may well know, protective styling is the best way to grow healthy, thicker hair. Any type of style that allows you to go days without constantly messing with your tresses can promote growth. Additionally, passion twists allow easy access to the scalp which makes it perfect for putting on your Shedavi Elixir. When used regularly, Shedavi Elixir promotes the growth of stronger, healthier locks.

What hair type works best with passion twists?
Now here’s the tricky part about passion twists: the hair that you use to make them is not like Marley hair or Xpressions. Instead, it’s more of a curly kanekolan which means that it is very slippery and does not adhere that well without the use of product. With that being said, if you have very fine hair, I highly recommend that you consult with a professional before paying money to install passion twists. The hair can get heavy (particularly when it’s wet), and the worst thing is for you to be in the middle of the grocery store and you see one of your twists laying on the ground. Also, if you are natural, you will most definitely need to get a good product to smooth your hair while inserting the passion twists to make sure they look neat. The Shedavi Crowned Styling Wash and Go Gel is the perfect product to use for smooth passion twists.

Aren’t there other hairstyles that are like passion twists?
Yes, there are some styles like a spring twist and even kinky twist that utilize a similar technique for inserting the hair into the head. There are two aspects of the type which make it unique. The first is that your have to twist and pull. Usually when doing the other types of twists, you just go straight down with one strand around the other until you get to the bottom. Passion twists do a slightly different technique that will be discussed in the next section. The other major difference, like we mentioned earlier, is the type of hair that is used. Passion twists utilize water wave hair to get the messy look whereas other twists use other type of hair to get the look.

How do I put passion twists into my hair?

Finally, they moment you’ve been waiting for: the simple how-to to get the perfect passion twists . First thing you want to do is start with freshly washed hair. When it’s damp, add your Shedavi Crowned Styling Wash and Go Gel to prevent frizz and divide your section of hair into two sections. Next, section off the hair from the water wave packs, and run your fingers through the ends to fluff the hair out. Insert the lock of water wave hair by placing the middle of the hair flat in between your two sections you made for your twist. Twist one end in the other direction and the other in the opposite. If done correctly, you’ll feel tension on the scalp as its get tighter. Once you have the hair taunt, start twisting one piece over the other as if you were doing a two strand twist out. Make sure to pull the hair after every 3-4 twists to make the hair wrap back up on itself. When you finish, you will have a bouncy, spirally curl that is twisted! Continue this same pattern until you complete your entire head.

Have you tried passion twists yet? Tell us about it in the comments!

Written by Bianca Scott

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