Love is in the Hair: Top 10 Valentine's Day Hairstyles

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Alright ladies... it’s that time of year where we have come to slay. Although it technically is for couples, Valentine’s Day is—in our humble opinion—made for females to dress up and look great while they're out with their significant others. With that being said, what is your Valentine’s hairstyle looking like? If you need a little inspiration, take a look at our top ten picks for the season of love.


The Golden Stitch

The Braid Up


This is one of my favorites styles of the season. It features two stitch braids on either side of the head, and then adds a bit of goddess to the look by threading a gold piece throughout the hair. The results are absolutely flawless. No matter where you’re going on your big day, this hairstyle will definitely have people showering you in compliments.


The Gold Bob


This simple hairstyle is set off by the coloring. Unless you’re a professional, we recommend only trying to achieve this color on hair that is not attached to your head. Using a 30- volume developer to bleach the hair for about 15 minutes, you can achieve this color effortless. Just make sure that you mix it properly and wear gloves!


The Double French Pony



Maybe you want to have something like the Golden Stitch, but are looking for a little bit more texture. Luckily, this Double French Pony could be just what you need. The style is a bit easier, and it does not require the stitch technique. It’s as simple as adding the hair into your head normal on either side, then tying it into a tight ponytail in the back. To make it easy, you can put the combined ponytails into a small bun, then wrap the textured hair around the bun to form the ponytail. Add a touch of gold around the base, and you’re good to go!


The Curly French Ponytails


When I first saw this style, I knew it was going to be on my list. It's so simple, yet so beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a dress or jeans, this style is bomb. Just like with your Double French Pony, you can just do two French braids on either side of your head the traditional way. The difference comes in when you have to close it off. You have a couple of options here. You can either use this curly hair throughout, then just put it into two ponytails and wrap some of the hair around the base, or you have the option of using the same technique as the Double French Pony, wrapping the desired hair around the ponytails, then putting some hair around the base to hide the track.


Braids n’ Waves


Simply elegant, the style that we’re calling the Braid n’ Waves is simple and can be done quickly. Divide the hair into half up and half down sections, then add your wavy virgin hair into the back. You can do this via clip ins or by sewing the hair into the back. Next, you want to divide the top of your hair into three sections. The middle section should be bigger than the two sides. Make small braids on each of the sides to go into the top of your head as a ponytail. Smooth the front down and put the middle into that top ponytail also. Wrap some more hair around the top, then add some braided pieces around the base to complete the style.


Rod Set


Now we couldn’t complete a Valentine’s day run down without having something for the natural sisters! Rod sets truly are a timeless treasure. No matter what you got going on, you can always depend on a perfect rod set to make your look more feminine. After removing your perm rods, always start from the base and slowly pull apart to prevent frizziness and increase the volume. Try pushing them over to one side and adding pins if you want a little something playful.


The Platinum Lob


Looking for a slightly more feminine bob? Maybe you would be interested in the platinum lob or longer bob. The color is a head turner, and the style is beautiful. Get the curls by either using a curling wand to loosely curl the bottom or you can use large flexirods. The key is to use your fingers to pull out the curls once you’re done in order to get that loose curly look.


Braided Updo


Updos have been part of our culture since the beginning of time (might be a slight exaggeration but you know we been doing updos for a while). It’s all about making an older idea modern. In this case, we make the braided updo more modern by adding a few dread cuffs and thread. Now, what is a seemingly “old” hair style is updated with the latest hair fads of the time. Not to mention the fact that this red is EVERYTHING.


Mermaid Braid


This is another style that I’ve seen surfacing around the hair-internet. I will admit that this one is not as easy as some of the others that we’ve seen. You have to know how to hold the hair taunt to make sure that everything comes out smooth and not looking a mess. This is the work of a true braider, and if you know how to explain it, then please let us know in the comments. For now, we’ll just say that this Mermaid Braid is stunning, and adding cuffs throughout the braid will make you look like a true goddess.


Messy Bun/Bang


Now we’ve seen different variations of the bun and bang, but this style is just too cute. Is it the curly bangs that make this style unique and flirty, or is it the messy top bun? Whichever the case, it’s adorable and super easy to do. Smooth your hair up into a messy bun at the top of your head, then leave long bangs out in the front. Spiral curl the bangs with flexi rods or a curling wand to complete the style.


There’s your 10 style inspirations for Valentine’s Day. Which one is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!


Authored by Bianca Scott

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