Best Beauty Related Trips for Your Summer Vacation

Everyone vacations a little differently. There are those who are content to spend a day with a book on the beach and others who will follow a detailed itinerary so they can see every major tourist spot during the course of their trip. Those who want to escape big city life in a natural oasis and others who want to experience the hustle and bustle of a new city. What most vacationers share in common is a need for an extra dose of “me” time. Vacations are the ideal time to sneak in a few pampering sessions, no matter what your ideal vacation looks like. We’re sharing four of our favorite beauty related trips for every travel style. 


For the planner

If you like your vacations to be filled with activity, a wellness retreat is the beauty vacation for you. You’ll have the structure you need, and you’ll also have time set aside to rest—a concept that might feel foreign to you. Not sure where to start? OmNoire has retreats in the United States as well as internationally.

For the nature lover

Being in nature is always good for you. Step things up a notch with a visit to an eco spa. Not only will you experience the relaxation of being in nature, the natural ingredients in the spa treatments will give you the beauty boosts you seek. There is likely an eco spa within driving distance of where you live. You can choose to take a weekend getaway or to turn your beauty trip into an international adventure.


For the cosmopolitan

Taste the good life with a spa day experience in the city of your choice. Round out the day with dinner at a restaurant that’s fancier than you’d normally eat at. This is all about treating yourself, inside and out, as you get to know a city. You could even create a spa day staycation and experience your own city in a new way. If you’re up for a beauty trip, consider a day at the black-owned Cynergy Spa in Brooklyn.

For the beach bum

You can get your beach fix and give yourself the beauty pampering you deserve. Look into a wellness resort or a resort that offers wellness packages. Depending on the location, you might have a menu filled with beauty-boosting foods and drinks, access to a variety of spa services (some of which might even be on the beach!), and exclusive fitness offerings. It’s everything you love in one place.

Have you taken a beauty-related vacation? Let us know where you went and your best tips. And no matter where you go, don’t forget to stay consistent in taking your Whole Food Vitamins and apply your Hair & Scalp Elixir to keep your vacation glow even after you get back home.

Authored By: Taylor Morrison

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