How to plan a DIY mommy-daughter beauty day

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Kids grow up so quickly. And, in an age of Pinterest-perfect parties and Instagrammable moments, it’s easy to think that memories have to be extravagant to be meaningful. Thankfully, that’s not the case. The little moments of warmth all add up, and those moments don’t have to cost much at all. One memory maker is a mommy-daughter beauty day. Why take your little one to the spa when you could create a spa of your own at home?  Here are our secrets to the perfect DIY mommy-daughter beauty day.



Lay the foundation

Before the spa day begins, remind your daughter that it’s fun to spend time doing beauty treatments, but beauty isn’t all about what you look like on the outside. Talk about what it means to have inner beauty and weave that theme into the entire day.

Get her involved

Allow your daughter to be an active participant in the day. Depending on her age, your daughter might be able to suggest treatments that she’d like to try together. Younger girls can be given several options from which to pick the three beautifying activities she’d like to try with you. Go to the store together to pick out relevant supplies like nail polish colors and face mask ingredients. This will build up even more excitement for the beauty day.



Plan your day

Map out the mommy-daughter beauty day with plenty of overlap between the activities. You want the day to be full but not stressful.  While our Deep Protein Conditioning Hair Mask works it magic, you can be filing and buffing your nails. You should also think about what you’ll have going on in the background. Is this an opportunity to watch a new movie together or to listen to music from both of your favorite artists? Make it meaningful to you.

Show it off

Now that your little girl is glowing from the inside out, it’s only fair that she gets a chance to show the world. You could plan your mommy-daughter beauty day so that it coincides with a big event like a recital or a party. If that timing doesn’t work, consider taking your daughter out to dinner or making her favorite meal at home and going to get dessert as a way to cap off your time together.


And there you have it, simple steps to make memories that can last a lifetime. Now it’s your turn to share. Have you done a DIY mommy-daughter beauty day? What tips do you have? We want to see them in the comments below!


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