Splurge or Save: Hair Product Edition

Ever look at your hair products and see dollar signs instead? Hair products are everywhere, and it seems like new ones are always popping up.  On your Instagram feed. At your favorite stores. From your friends. It pays to look good, but it can cost you a lot as well.  

Don’t let the trends dictate your purchases. Here’s your guide to where you can splurge or save on your hair products.

For most of us, shampoo is one product that we can save on. Know your hair type. Then scan for keywords. Sulfate-free is a phrase you’ll want to look out for if you have natural hair.  If you have dandruff, you’ll do well with a product that is specifically designed for dandruff or one that has a good dose of tea tree oil. You should be able to find a product that will meet your needs without breaking your budget.

You can also save on conditioners. Go with a basic product that is nourishing for your hair and easy on your wallet. Let your leave-in conditioner do the hardest work.

Leave-In Conditioner
A good leave-in conditioner will work wonders. It’s worth the splurge, especially in certain climates. You may need multiple leave-in conditioners if you live in a region where you experience each of the four seasons. One season may call for extra moisture while another calls for frizz-fighting ingredients.

Twisting Cream
Splurge on a quality twisting cream if you want to achieve that perfect twist out or if you regularly wear your hair in twists.  No one enjoys the feeling of sore arms after putting your hair up. Let the product do most of the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.

You don’t need to break the bank on a costly gel. A moderately-priced product and your favorite combs and brushes will help you get the job done.  You’ll look sleek and chic in no time.

Depending on your hair type and climate, you may need to alternate between saving and splurging on moisturizer as the seasons change. Consider creating a custom product by mixing basics oils with other products. This will help your products last longer while maximizing their impact on your hair.

Now you can start building a hair routine that works for both you and your budget, and don’t forget to account for growth products like our vitamins and oils. Your hair will be thankful for the extra attention. Where do you splurge and save when it comes to your hair? Share your secrets in the product below.

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  • Katherine Grimes On

    Will you be having a sale on any of the products for Christmas? I was thinking of ordering a few bundles for holiday gifts.

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